Monday, January 12, 2009

The Artistry Of Killer Sheep

I'm no fan of sheep, 'cept for Ruby. She's probably more dog than sheep, but she can't fetch. Older than any sheep I've ever known... we've sorta lost count to how old she is. Somewhere in the 14-15 year old range.

I'll run that pic again just 'cause she's so dang cool.

Anyhow, Shelby, my 3 year old grand daughter knows and understands killer sheep and that most, if not all sheep are not like Ruby. Most are blood thirsty killers that wish to draw loot out of your wallet to heal them of some unknown sheep disease bleeding you to death financially... and then die before you get to actually apply the miracle ointment/injection/pill/whatever.

She drew me a picture of one of the other sheep here, either Dummy or Stupid... I can't tell which it is and it doesn't matter. I think this is my new favorite piece of artwork.

Is that freakin' awesome or what? I swear it belongs on the ceiling of the Pristine Craple or something.

I can't wait to see what she draws when she's 4!



Sassy Britches said...

Holy cow! (or sheep!) It's got teeth and feet and all that, and she's only 3! Child prodigy!

I love it that Ruby has a name, and all the rest are Stupid and Dummy. Good stuff.

Jerry said...

No kids here, Jace, so no grandkids. I envy you. I've enjoyed some of the awesome art work my grand neices and grand nephews have drawn. They are priceless for sure. Of course they've never been exposed to killer sheep............... :)

WowsRose said...

Looks like a dinosaur to me.... ;)

Sally said...

Is that teeth coming out it's butt?! HAHAHAHA!! Love it, love it, love it!

Jennifer and Sandi said...

You need to sit Shelby down for a game of Pictionary!!

Ruby sure is a cutey!!!


- Jennifer

Greenmare said...

it's truly gorgeous! That kid has some real talent. And that is coming from an art major. (we won't mention that I dropped out before I got my degree though okay?)
so, they die before you can fix them? sounds like goldfish. I always thought we should just flush them down the toilet at Walmart instead of bringing them home to do it.

Jennifer and Sandi said...

I think I dislodged a kidney laughing so hard. Now THAT is about the finest picture of a killer sheep I've ever seen!!! It's got teeth everywhere!!!'s got teeth coming out it's butt........ROFLMAO



Jennifer and Sandi said...

.......HAHAHAHAHA.....and it's wearing cowboy boots!!!! lol


Sunny said...

what a lovely blue sheep!

Giggle Pixie said...

Wow! I had no idea sheep could be so evil!!! lol

Queen Goob said...

Sheep and goats - the evil spawn of hell......them and my kids.

GREAT picture!