Saturday, January 3, 2009

Engrish, Some Vids And A New Blog Roll...

I love fortune cookie fortunes, there's always some good entertainment value to be had in 'em, usually by accident, but that's the best. The most memorable one I ever had was probably 15 years ago. I cracked my cookie open and it read...

"You like Chinese food"

I couldn't breathe for 2 days.

I've had a couple of doozies in the past month, I save 'em now. The first one here is from just about a month ago. Somewhere, someone got this fortune and ran with the ball. To quote Mr. T... I pity da fool.

The timeliness of this fortune is uh... unfortunate.

Just a couple days ago we were down in St. Louis and my friend Gary and his daughter was with Sal and I, he insisted that we eat lunch at "THE BEST CHINESE BUFFET IN MISSOURI".

We did.

It was awful. When they say "The General's Chicken" they mean the original batch. Holy cat was it a bad deal. The fortunes slightly redeemed the crapfest that we called lunch. Oh and Gary felt so bad for leading us there he picked up the tab. There was no tip.

Anyway these 2 fortunes, one out of my cookie and one out of Sally's cookie. Both the same fortune, both in broken Chinese "Engrish" but screwed up on different words.

What are the odds? It almost made belching bad eggroll for 6 hours worth it.

Okay a couple of vids. The first is some dude playing Rush's "Subdivisions" on 2 guitars, on a rooftop, using a loop machine part of the time to loop his own playing in "on the go". Also a bass pedal and an incredible voice. Definitely worth the watch.

Here's the link if the embedded video doesn't show up for you.

The second video is Jerry Miculek, an amazingly fast and deadly accurate handgun shooter. I met Jerry a number of years ago at The Masters and ran into him at other matches after that. Real decent guy with a whole lotta skill. There may be faster than him, but add in the accuracy and he left 'em in the smoke. As amazing as the video is, it's even more so in person. Anyway, here...

And here's the link if the embedded video doesn't show up for you.

Over on the right side of my blog, there's been some new additions to "the cool list" of blogger buds. Read at your leisure... but do it now!

That's that! Have a great weekend, don't forget to brush twice a day. Wipe real good and wash your hands when you're done.



Anonymous said...

I guess you're gonna start advertising your beef as Jace's Niu-Rou Ben-Ling. Beef with Abilities!

What kind of revolver can be fired so fast? I understand a fully automatic firearm will fire continuously. That guy couldn't possibly have been squeezin' and relaxin' his trigger finger that fast. It ain't humanly possible.

Sassy Britches said...

Nothin' like The General's original batch. Nasty.

Holy MOLY TriggerMan!

Thanks for the tip on wiping and washing. It might have slipped my mind, and then where would we be?!

Off to get sponsors for my new racing career...

Cowguy said...

Ahr8tch: First time I watched him shoot he was using a pretty much box stock mdl 27. The action was like glass, but he said it was just "shot in" to that point... no action work done on it. He caused quite a stir at the Masters back in the early days when he was the only revolver shooter there and cleaned up.

Sassybritches: "This sticker is dangerous and inconvenient but I do love fig newtons." Ricky Bobby

Greenmare said...

Okay, to really enjoy the fortunes, you have to read them and then add the phrase "in bed". trust me, there are ones that will keep you out of breath for more than 2 days!

Greenmare said...

oh and after watching the shootin guy, all I can say is "HOLY CRAP!"
I shot an M16 in my day but I sure didn't look like that!

debijeanm said...

Hope it doesn't wear you out too badly, brightening my day like you do!

Cowguy said...

Greenmare: It sounded like full auto when he was shooting... in bed.


Debijeanm: Wears me to a frazzle... but on I trudge. Thanks, the kudos are appreciated!

Jerry said...

Moon was a great vid - what a talent! And the shooter? Whew! A semi-auto wouldn't have a chance against that.

Great chuckle with the fortunes. I never get the cookies. Guess I need to change that, eh?

zizzybob said...

When my husband and I first started dating, we once went for Chinese food. His fortune said "tonight could be the night" My fortune said "remember what your mother said"
Talk about laughing for days......

Sally said...

Hey, hey, hey! Not sure about that whole exuding cool part, but thanks for the link love.

Another Sally