Friday, January 30, 2009

You Can Squeeze My Teats By Hand.

Sal and I are gonna take off for Kansas City for a day or 2 to visit my daughter and son in law. Oughta be a fun trip. I've been wanting to hit the Musician's Friend outlet store down there for awhile. We'll have a bunch o' stuff all jammed in, in one fell swoop.

For your teat squeezing pleasure, I give you this video, "I Am Cow". It killed me to death.

Have a great weekend!




Lee the MWOB Queen said...

Oh my. What a way to kick off a Friday. That video was changing.

Makes me want to go cuddle a cow.

Have a nice trip.


Queen Goob said...

It was as if an angelic choir came to my office and sang just for me.

I cried.

Nej said...

The ozone layer is thinner from the outcome of my dinner.

I think I'm actually crying!

Sass said...

I'm so confused right now.

But can I just say, if I had a nickel for everytime I'd said, "you can squeeze my teats by hand..."

I'd have precisely...well...a nickel. But I'd sure be laughing, which I am.

Okay, seriously.

I'm confused.

Sally said...

Yea. It killed me to death too. TFF! Have a great weekend.

The Dental Maven said...

Inspirational! But I'd love to see the one for bulls.

Giggle Pixie said...

Did I LOVE that video?

BOY HOWDY!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for cheering up my otherwise crappy Friday!!

Stacie said...

oh great, I am going to be singing that all weekend long. Hope no one squeezed MY teats...or do I?

Jennifer and Sandi said...

Isn't it JUST as fun getting the Musician's Friend catalog in the mail?????

Drive safe and hope they didn't get any of the ice storm

- Jennifer

Sassy Britches said...

I almost stood up and yelled, "Can I get a witness?!" when the three cows stood strong together and the chorus joined in.

Very mooooving.

(Couldn't resist; it was too easy).

Anonymous said...

That was very touching (pardon pun). Very well done. Shaneg

Reenie said...

I just lost 28 seconds of my life.

Scope said...

What, only maybe two Herefords in the whole damn herd? (And those may be Simmentals, trying to pass!) That's racial stereotyping, that is.

Beware, the cows are REVOLTING!!!

Greenmare said...

you are such a hoot, how much TIME do you spend on you tube?????? well however much it is, thanks for finding the good ones for me so I don't have to do the research!
have a great trip, find some GOOD whiskey or beer or wine and then settle in with the music!

Candy's daily Dandy said...

hee hee. That was moving and inspirational. My favorite part:"methane gas comes out my a**"

Have a great trip to Kansas City!

Anonymous said...

Cowguy, you have an award... please call at:
to collect.


Gwen said...

I forwarded this to the St. Louis Symphony as I think they need to add it to their playlist. Have fun in KC! I'm waving to you from the other side of the state.

Jerry said...


I win over Reenie - I lost 56 seconds of my life. Had to do that one twice!!!!!! LMAO!

Anonymous said...

brings back memories of the first wife she was a cow and had nice teats too

Bella@That damn expat said...

I don't know if you do awards, but I gave you one:

Reenie said...

BTW, KC is a great town. Lived there for 15 years. Great town. Um, but you already know that because you're not reading this because you're already there and just because because.

Sunny said...

the video is hilarious!