Friday, March 6, 2009

Here's A Great Big Woody, Part 2

Before I start... I've had to block anonymous comments because of a few asshats. Asshats that are oblivious to humor and were mothered by whores, fathered by either Hitler or Stalin and got stuck sucking the hind tit on a leprous nanny goat for the remainder of their lives lying on their backs in goat feces and urine while doing so and evidently married to a woman as whorish as their mother or as putridly repulsive as their father and sprung forth from their loins, children as hateful as Satan's spawn...... continue to post childish and decidedly retarded comments, anonymously... that you know I'm just gonna delete. If you're gonna post crap... grow some balls and get an ID so it makes it a little easier for me to track you down and make your life misery. Not that it's not that tough to do that right now... I just want to put out less effort doing it.

I'm sorry for having to do this, 1 percent ruin it for all of my anonymous commentators, by all means jump into this link and create a blogger ID for yourself. I love your comments and really wanna see 'em.

Man I've been in a spin the past few days... can't really get a good solid fix on the direction I should be trekking into. Grease rehearsal 3 nights every week from about 5:30 to 10 or 11 PM, working in the shop, calving has started for us, and today we got the cows in and weaned off 31 head of calves. Anyhow I wanted to get the finished pics of Greased Lightning up and a few shots of the play rehearsal.

Some of the actors and actresses are in full costume, some not at all and some are kinda 50 50 in costume. The set continues to evolve and I believe the first performance is next Friday. If you're a blog reader in my area here, you NEED to see this... incredible cast of 100 percent local talent. Lots of great acting, singing, music, color and fun.

So here we go... it's a nice glowing Turquoise! Got the tires and wheels on it, and the whole thing is on hidden casters so it's easily moved. The working headlites are controlled from the lighting panel at the theater.

I get to play in the pit band and we're having some fun with that. That's Beth there on the keyboards, the music director and some handsome cuss on guitar. There's a whole slew of us jammed into that little closet of an orchestra pit. It's beyond friendly.

And because I read the National Enquirer and therefore know the importance of schmoozing up with the Directors during one of these things... I'm here schmoozing and posing with Jeanne, one of the co-directors and a dear friend of ours.

Alrighty! Have a great weekend friends!




Sassy Britches said...

Yes, that was a lot of effort for me to READ about the asshats, so I can imagine what an effort it's been for you. Glad that's over.

Am simply amazed at the car (especially the fancy headlight mechanism), and you even got some pretty blue on your driveway as a reminder!

The musical looks fabulously fun, and I hope other bloggers in your area partake! I think it's funny that you're like, "I BELIEVE the first performance is next Friday." I hope your "secretary" gives you the heads-up.

As for the orchestra pit, aren't you glad you use Dial?

Cora said...

Stupid asshats!! What the hell is their problem anyway? What's the point of leaving sh*tty comments?! Hey, ASSHATS: If you don't like what you are reading, STOP READING IT, LEAVE, AND DON'T COME BACK (DUH!!), doesn't that make more sense?!

Sorry you were being punked by stupid asshats, Cowguy! You don't deserve that.

Anyway, I have to tell you, you are one talented fella! That car is fantastic! I'm sooo impressed. :-)

Jerry said...

Re the asshats, no comment. They're not worth my time and I'm sorry for the time you had to waste on 'em.

Re the "car", man that is absolutely awesome!! No smoke and mirrors there - just pure craftsmanship!

I'd love to see the play, dang it!

Just A Chic... said...

You are obviously a man who is extremely gifted at using your wood. ;-) I'm quite impressed.

Vicky said...

They're just BOILS ON THE BUTTS OF HUMANITY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Neat car! Wish I could see the production. I know it's been a lot of hard work for you the missus, but kinda fun, too, right? xox

mo.stoneskin said...

That car is awesome.

But even more awesome is your eloquent tirade at the start of the post.

I want to know whether it was truly "off the cuff", or whether it took you a while to fashion those brilliant phrases.

Either way, you are a galdam genius.

And I've got myself an ID now so I won't do it any more.

[just kidding]

Jazy said...

WOW At the car! now if ya could get the back bit done too, that's be the right size car for a short arse like me!!

Sass said...

I'm so impressed, Cowguy!

And a little frightened, now, too.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Tell me please...who would leave YOU a nasty comment???? What. Ever. You are so much better than they!!

The car looks amazing! When the local production is done with it, you should turn that baby into a footboard and make a tail fin head board. I think it would be a spectacular bed frame for a little boy's room. You are supremely talented.
If i lived in the area, I would so be there.

Cowguy said...

Sassy B: Thanks! And yup... smelling good is a prerequisite in the band closet.

Cora: I was just getting warmed up.

Jerry: Thanks man and I see you got you a cool ID!

Just a Chic: Heh heh

Vicky: That line still kills me Ouiser.

mo.stoneskin: heh... off the cuff 'cept for the part 'bout "leprous". I added that in. :-) Thanks!


Sass: Yeah, you're a regular fraidy cat. lol Thanks!

Venom said...

No, I think Sass is on to you, man, I know I don't want you mad at me. And you seemed like such a mild mannered fellow...

Where I live calving hasn't even begun, let alone weaning - don't you get ANY friggin' winter there?

Stacie said...

asshats suck...grow some balls people.

Anyway...the car looks AWESOME!! You and your woody did a good job slammin that out! ;)

Gwen said...

Next time I need to tell someone off, I'm emailing you for tips.

The car is simply amazing. You are a genius with wood. ;)

Gwen said...

A wood savant, if you will.

Sally said...

Geez, Jace. Why don't you tell us what you *really* think about anon. commentors? LOL I know what you mean. Which is why I have chosen to preview the comments first via email, then decide whether to publish or reject them. (It's not like I have thousands of comments to go through...)

The car is FABulous, dahlink! You did a smash-up job on that one. Too cool for skool. Congrats!

Kim said...

Dang! I wish I lived in Missouri. I want to come see the play. The music, the are a busy guy.

Are you going to post pics of the baby calves? I just love little baby calves...they're so cute.

How did you find out that was where asshats come from? I have always wondered about that. They must be close kin to the assmonkeys we have around here.

Giggle Pixie said...

This looks like such a hoot! I'm glad you're having so much fun with it.

And as for those asshats? You track 'em down and I'll beat the snot out of them for ya. Well...I am kinda small. If I can't beat 'em I'll at least bite their ankles. :-)

Susan said...

Ok, first of all, I would like to point out I am commenting by Name...please don't yell at me, k? (smile) Why do asswipes waste their time like that? Seriously? Anyhow, I LOVE Grease, so best of luck - I couldn't imagine a production of Grease NOT doing well. And that engine looks "automatic"! (Holy shit, I'm fucking old and turning into my mother...).

Scope said...

Did you say you were weinering your calves? Cowguy, if you're hung that low, ain't nobody who should mess with you!

Greenmare said...

you silver tongued guy you, what a way with words you have. heh heh; seriously, the car? You TOTALLY ROCK!!!!

Lady of the Cloth said...

That Chevy is too cool! I wish I lived closer so I could see the play, but Washington State is too far to get back here for work on Monday, so I guess I will pass.
Sorry about the nasty commenters, I had to go to scanning mine first before posting. What can you say about quilts, well, someone always finds something nasty. I wish I had the kind of time they have to go all over the web and post drivel.
kudos from the West Coast!

Ron Barnes said...

Hey Jace, Sorry to hear that there are some of the asshats on here as well. The car is looking super. Would like to see the play but is impossible.

zizzybob said...

I don't think my husband would be too happy if I grew a "set".

Nej said...

Asshats, can't live with em, can't find em so you can shoot em.

The finished product is amazing!! Love the color!

Dr Zibbs said...

That things pretty cool.