Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I Sand, Therefore I Am.... Said Sam I Am.

I spent the day sanding a just lovely piece of crap. Next time I go to the dentist for a nice root canal or something, I'll just think of today and the whole dental gig will be like walking in a lollipop garden.

The thing I'm working on today is definitely one of those pieces of furniture that I get brought to me from time to time that seriously need to get acquainted with fire. Funny thing with this thing... it survived a fire... that's how come I'm working on it. All I gotta say is "it shoulda got hotter".

I've had this POS in my possession for too dang long. The customer was waiting on an insurance settlement, which they received, before I started on it. Even after I started on it... about 2 weeks ago (lol) I couldn't stay interested in it. I'd work on it for an hour and then it'd languish, stinking of smoke, for a day or two and then I'd nudge it with my foot and try to get interested in it. Not. So last night when I lay my little head down on my pillow to dream about Care Bears and unicorns... I swore to get up at the buttcrack of dawn and work on this wretched thing.

I did. All day. I scraped and sanded and flung tools at it and glued it with gluey stuff and I got it about half done. This thing is toxic with lead paint... so I got to spend the whole day in a respirator as well. It added to my pleasure.

Okay, I think I'm done whining.

I'll leave you with a typical picture of rural Missouri "trust". Out on Hwy 36, on our way into town, some folks have this blue cooler sitting next to the highway every morning with fresh eggs in it... and a sign. You stop, get your dozen eggs, toss your money in the cooler and go on 'bout your business.

Please don't try to convince me that this marketing ploy would work as satisfactory in Los Angeles as it does here in the land of unlocked homes and vehicles.



Kim said...

I wanna see this thing you're working on Jace! You have me curious now! Maybe after another visit with the Care Bears and unicorns, you'll be in a happier place! ROFLOL!

Jerry said...

Yup, we'll be looking for pics of this nemesis on both sites, Jace.

On the N main highway here in our county there's a place where a guy built a little structure with a tap that said "Artesian Well Water". Folks could pull up, fill up their jugs, and drop a quarter per gallon in a box.

I always wondered what this "enterprise" netted the guy (why do we always assume it was a guy?).

BTW I never stopped, so I tested neither my integrity nor my gullibility..... :)

Vicky said...

Had trust stands like that when I was a kid. Here the ice chest would be stolen in 2 seconds flat! Will be watching for the gorgeous piece that will come from that POS!

Doris said...

seriously?!? no shot of the POS?!?

Fletch said...

Well, hell's bells, I stuck with reading your whole piney story, and what do I see? A blue cooler and a sign. Where is this POS pic? :)

Anonymous said...

I'm like everyone else, I want a dang picture. :-)
That cooler gig is cool (pardon the pun). I used to go to a barbershop up on the square in Murfreesboro, TN where the owner sold farm fresh eggs out of an old bottle type coke machine.