Sunday, June 15, 2008

Well... This Was The Perfect Father's Day.

What a great day... and it ended with one of the most touching things I've ever read, and it was wrote about me by one of our kids.

But first, Jake shows up and we hang out a little, he gets out the weed whacker and trims the yard that he'd mowed yesterday. What a great guy. In between everything else that was going on we got to chat a little out in the shop 'bout motorcycles and cars and women and things like that. Just cool stuff.

In between of all that was going on here with Sally getting ready to take off on a week long quilt retreat with her quiltin' buddy and wrapping up some things out in the shop and my folks coming over for an early dinner of grilled burgers and fixins, my daughter Nicky was calling me everytime I was outta the house or outta cell range. LOL

Then Nathan called from San Diego where he lives and we talked about music (he's a very talented guitarist) and his latest interest is bicycling and he'd sent pics of an old bike that he'd tore down and converted to a classic velodrome style, with direct gearing. Awesome job on that thing... wow. Here's a pic of it.

Then my daughter Amanda called and we visited for quite a while... and she wanted to know 'bout my music and stuff and I told her about the show we played at last nite and the crowd of cottontops that came to hear us and seemed to be a little puzzled by it all. :-) She's an RN in probably the worst and hairiest ER in the state of Missouri, thrives on adrenaline and related an "exposed brain" story. (Gag and Gaahhh!)

Next Nicky FINALLY lol got hold of me on the phone and we had a real cool conversation, 'cause we always do. Talked 'bout the show and kids and all things relevant to the two of us. We do lots of laughing and I taught her a whole lot about being a smart ass and she's retained most of that training into adulthood. I ended that call with a conversation with my 4 year old grandaughter Emma who wished me "Happy Birthday PaPa!" and then was coached in the background with "No... happy fathers day" lol

And THEN... just a few minutes ago, I looked at Nicky's blog. She made me cry. Big ol lumpy me... What a tribute that just ruined me.

This is the post that totally, 100 percent, without a doubt... MADE my fathers day complete and wonderful.

I'm almost speechless.




Jerry said...

Whew! That was a waltz through teary town, for sure. Congrats to you for having a family like that. There just isn't anything better'n that.

I can't even imagine how proud you are. And it couldn't happen to a nicer guy. (Insert clappy smilies here - a bunch of 'em). :)

Fletch said...

You are, indeed, a very fortunate man, husband, father, Jace.