Monday, June 2, 2008

This Bloggin' Business Is Hard Work!

I ain't had time to get a decent post up, and I'm 'bout toast tonite after staying out way too late on a Sunday nite, so... I'm gonna just throw out a couple of Youtubes.

Both of these are from our recording session a couple weeks ago. The sound of course isn't processed in the videos, so it's just the raw stuff you're hearing. Lotta fun.

Love Me Like A Man, with the lovely Martina on the mic. I'm on the mandolin in both vids.

And an old country standard "Jolene" with Mary Beth doing the singing on this one. A little different entrance and exit on our version. Sal shot this one behind the glass in the booth so it's a little glarey. I left Louie's upside down harp mistake in... he went all rockstar on us and had his shades on in the studio, couldn't see squat. LOL Killer harp on it though after he flipped it over.

Hope you enjoy 'em.



ahr8tch said...

Great work, gang!

Tell Mary Ruth she's a hottee!

Anonymous said...

I loved "Jolene"!!!! Jace, the mandolin at the beginning and the end of the song was fantastic. Sounds so beautiful.

Mar said...

Love both of them, thanks!

Jerry said...

Great entertainment!! Thanks!!

My compliments to the whole group.