Friday, June 6, 2008

Gimmee A Guitar Quick... Here Come The Nuns!

Last sunday evening/night ended up with a whole bunch of fun, a lotta music, quite a bit of beer... and 2 drunk nuns.

The folks that usually play guitar and bass in our regular band gave me a call and wanted to know if I wanted to play guitar at another guys party place. Well hell yeah! Thats' like a given. A chance to play music AND have fun, me and Sal.. we're all about that!

We weren't unplugged and I was on guitar instead of the mandolin. First time we'd played together as a group and it sounded good enough we're gonna do it again this Sunday.

Now the nun part. The local theater group is doing Nunsense this month and a couple of the traveling actresses that play nuns showed up with their own supply of Miller Genuine Draft and the correct attitude and a desire to be backup singers in a band. What a riot!

*click the pics to make 'em big*

Then one of the nuns said she was a drummer. lol Sure nuff, she was! The short denim skirt on the drumset was very un-nun-like... and had me nearly in tears. lol

And finally... a video. (of course) Keep in mind this is the first time together for this song... but not too shabby for the test run. Marshall Tucker's "Can't You See". (lighting is a little tough.. but it all sounds the same.)

That's all folks!



Anonymous said...

Testicles followed by nuns in short denim skirts playing drums.

You livin' da LIFE, man!

Jerry said...

Love the music. Sounds like a great night (again).

Live it and love it, Jace (and Sal). You've earned it. :)