Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More Music Stuff... way WAY Cool Recording Gizmo

Eh, I'm on a roll with the music topic here lately... why spoil the roll.

I had a request in for a piece of equipment for Father's day, or I was just gonna get it myself. :-) I'd been wanting something to do personal recording for myself and informal stuff with the band and had done a bunch of reading on what was new and hot stuff. The new thing is these little, almost joke sized, personal digital recording "studios".

The one I had picked out from reading reviews was the Tascam DR-1. Here's a link to the thing on Musicians Friend. This little device is about the size of a Blackberry... a little larger, but not a whole lot. Even after reading all the rave reviews on it on the internets, we are all TOTALLY blown away by the recording quality. Just incredible!

It'll either record in wav or mp3 format, does over dubbing, adds several styles of reverb if you want, allows you to change the sampling rate... and on and on and on. Plugs right into a USB port on your puter, you download right offa the smartcard... and you've got sharing ready music in just minutes.

I've got a song that I wrote for my daughter Nicky and did it this evening on my old Fender acoustic, just using the onboard mics on the Tascam. I sent it to Nicky... made her cry real hard... so I musta got it right. :-)

Might be a mistake or two... just ignore that 'cause I did too and Nicky loved it just like it happened. Slip some headphones on for the best sound.

Here's the link to the song "Nicky's Song".

Lemme know what you think! Thanks.



Anonymous said...

Dude, you made me cry. Whatta myriad of emotions that one evokes. I love it!! Eve

Tigger said...

AWESOME!! Totally, completely, undeniably Wicked Awesome! Both the songwriter and the song. I can see why she cried.


Anonymous said...

I love it; it's simply wonderful. Complex and beautiful probably much like the girl you wrote it for. LadyBaltimore

Katie said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing Nicky's song with us. Excuse me, I have to go blow my nose now.
Cheers, Katie

Mary ann said...

Beautiful! A perfect song for a beautiful daughter.

Jerry said...

I like it. Very much. Nice and light, melodic, then it builds to a bit of a tempest, then calms back down and is beautiful again.

Hmmmmm - I guess that sounds like a daughter, eh? :)

My hat's off to you again! (Shade your eyes!) LOL!

Thanks for sharing that with us.

Vicky said...

That's gorgeous, Jace. Nicky is a lucky gal to have her own song! Just beautiful!

Fletch said...

Happy Father's Day, Jace!

WowsRose said...

" Nice and light, melodic, then it builds to a bit of a tempest, then calms back down..."


No, heavens no! Not ME!

There are no words for me to describe how *my* song makes me feel, or the emotions it brings. It's beautiful and it leaves me speechless.

Now, play some Skynard!!!!!

Cowguy said...

Thanks to all of you VERY much for your nice comments!

And Wowsrose/Nicky... I love you a lot sweetie.