Sunday, June 29, 2008

(*&%^### CHAINSAW!!

Chainsaws. You either love 'em or hate 'em or couldn't care less about 'em. Guess that pretty well covers any topic or object on earth though.

On the farm we use chainsaws a lot for gobs of different stuff and there's usually one handy wherever you're working... so some of 'em just don't get used a lot. My Stihl here at the house is one that just doesn't see a lot of use. It's probably getting close to 15 years old still looks and runs great... usually.

Couple of weeks ago, after one of the storms blew through here, there was a limb on one of the trees out by the driveway that broke and was dangling down and I decided I'd just get out the chainsaw that hadn't been started in over a year and whack the limb off real quick like. I dug it outta the corner where I keep it, yanked the rope 'bout 4 or 5 times and I'll be danged if it didn't start right up. Just like that! Magic.

I tottered off across the yard with the saw, revvin' it up and goofing around, get to the tree and just start to cut the limb and -------------- dead saw. I yanked the rope until I saw stars and went back to the shop, took off the gas cap... empty. So I filled the thing up and proceeded to pull the starter rope until my right arm was so pumped up with blood it looked like it was all affected by steroids.

So, I went back in the shop and took the air cleaner off, put a new spark plug in, cleaned the air cleaner, put it back together... looked at the chain, it was kinda dull... so I sat down and filed it sharp. Then I went back outside and yanked on the rope some more.

I yanked that stupid starter rope until I got dizzy and swear I was having a heart attack. I stood there looking at the damned thing... then went into a second wind frenzy and yanked it again probably 50 times. I got so light headed I hallucinated myself up a flashback of going in the girls bathroom in second grade by accident.


So, 'bout once every 2 or 3 years, I have to put a carburetor kit in the thing when the diaphragm cracks from just sitting around. This was probably the 3rd year since I'd done that. I'd lost interest in using the chainsaw at this point though and just drug out a ladder and a handsaw and hacked the stupid limb off old school style.

I'll fix the chainsaw later.

All this comes to a song. I was coming home from Kansas City today, went out to visit my daughter Amanda and her husband for the day, when on the way home I had on a kick ass rock station on the radio and a song came on that brought back memories and a lotta laughs.

My daughter Nicky and I used to laugh our butts off at this song. It's by a band called Jackyl and the song is "The Lumberjack". The singer in Jackyl, Jesse James Dupree, actually plays the stinking chainsaw like an instrument and makes it sound cool as all get out and sends me and Nicky into the giggles whenever we hear it. So... here y'ar, the official video. The Lumberjack.

And if you ain't got enough of it with THAT version... here's a long winded live version. 'Ol Dupree.... now right there is a good ol boy. LOL

Eh well... hope alla y'all had as great of a weekend as I did.



Jerry said...

Whew! Now that was an experience! Never heard of the band, or the guy, but I'm impressed that the chainsaw was actually on key! :)

The singing? Well, it reminds me of Anne when she's mad at me. Without the chainsaw, thank God! LOL!

Sorry about the chainsaw blues. I squirt starter fluid in mine occasionally, but haven't had to rebuild the carb or anything. It's a Craftsman, though. It was the only one left on the shelves after the 1998 windstorm we had blow through here, and I needed one bad. Works, though. :)

Becky said...

Thank you for reminding of my youth and favorite band that that time. Completely forgot about Jesse playing that chainsaw.