Thursday, June 26, 2008

Weather Is Still The Topic 'Round Here

The water just keeps coming. Some towns around us got 7 to 9 inches of rain in one fell swoop the day before yesterday. One little town got almost 11 inches outta that storm... and it hasn't stopped yet. It rained last nite... a lot. It rained more today and as I write this, there's two more doozies building in Kansas and Nebraska heading this way.

The Mississippi river towns are asking for help with sandbagging operations on the local news. Levees are popping all over. Reservoirs are full to the bursting point and are dumping water out the spillways as fast as they can, which just adds to the volume of the rivers.

I'll just post some pics that Sal and I took around here. Some of you probably have seen some of them elsewhere.

These first pics that Sally shot are of a wall cloud that came over our place the other evening. I don't care who you are... that's a cloud that'll get your attention and hold it. There was some swirling action going on in spots but no tornadoes dropped down out of it.

Next pics are some more that Sal got when we went into town yesterday. That's 2 new highway lanes under construction where you see the equipment and bridge pillars. Might be a good time to build higher...

I had to go up to the farm today and patch some fences that the water had torn down. At one point I had to drive through about 300 feet of water over the road, with lots of road torn up by the water as well. This shot is just north of us about 2 miles. This little creek is usually about 15 or 20 feet wide... it's about 1/4 mile wide here. Surreal to see it like this.

Welp, there you go. Lotta water huh?



Kim said...

Okay, California is burning and you're drowning. Somebody sure pissed off Mother Nature!

gracie said...

Holy smokes. Sally showed me some of these yesterday and I still can't get over the flooding. Having been there, traveled these roads makes it all the more unreal.

You could send some of that water to SC where we're visiting family...they're having a drought....


Tigger said...

DANG! You want I should send up a coupla floaties from the pool? Or maybe a set of those inflatable arm band thingies. Looks like you could use 'em.

You two stay safe and dry. If it gets too soggy, come on down 'til it evaporates. Safe bet you won't be seeing any rain in Austin.


Fletch said...

Just heard on the radio about some levees failing around St. Louis. My prayers are out for you and Sal, and for all the folks in your region. Stay safe.

Jerry said...

It's just terrible, all that rain in one spot. You sure dodged a bullet when that wall cloud rolled over. You guys be safe - our thoughts and prayers are with you and all those in those ravaged areas. I almost feel guilty that we've been so fortunate here - just enough rain so far. Not everywhere in Michigan, but here we've been blessed (so far).