Thursday, May 8, 2008

Gonna Sing For My Supper

Y'all be glad to know that friends have taken pity on me this evening... being as I'm in the dire straits that I have succumbed to, of being home alone. Some of the folks that I play music with invited me and my mandolin over for dinner this evening. Just call me Lucky.

Finished up a bookcase this afternoon, after working on boring crap all morning. The bookcase is a gift for one of the kids and is my design. You can take a look at it if you want over at the woodworking forum. If you've already seen it over there, just pretend like it's all new to you again. :-)

Gotta run, real food awaits my eager lips.




Mary ann said...

Now everyone's gonna want Neuveau Jace furniture. I'm glad you're getting some real food tonight, and not adding to the mess in your kitchen.

Jerry said...

Good music and good food. MMMmmm!

Sounds like a last supper. Good luck with that homecoming thing. :)