Friday, May 9, 2008

Things I've Found In Furniture.

Over the years I've found tons of stuff in furniture that people have brought to me, mostly it's just junk but sometimes it's interesting.

The cracks and edges of dresser drawers are rife with rusted bobby pins and dress pins and sewing needles. Scraps of newspaper clippings that got stuck in the crack of the back of a drawer. Whole newspapers lining drawers of dressers... those are usually interesting. I've found grocery lists from 50 or 60 years ago, photographs, pictures crayoned on the bottom of tables and furniture from kids laying on their backs on rainy days, bored and crayon ready.

I have seen more prehistoric chewing gum than Wrigleys turns out in a years time. Roll top desks are a treasure trove. Where the desk top rolls back, there's usually an area behind the cubby holes that is always hidden and stuff gets back there in time capsule form. I even found a wooden dip net like you would've taken trout fishing 100 years ago, in a rolltop desk once. I bet the guy always wondered where the heck it went. I found letters from a son that was attending Wash U. in St. Louis, sent home to his parents while he studied to become a doctor in the early part of the 1900's (I can't remember the dates on that)

All this brings me to a find from today. I flipped a dresser upsided down, one of 2 I'm working on for a family and up in the top, inside of the dresser was a picture stuck in a crack. I slid it out and wiped it off...LOL I don't know quite what to make of it. It seems a little naughty. :-) It appears that the couple is window peeking and has caught mother inside OR the gentleman is getting frisky with "mother" on the porch. I dunno..

Here it is, click on it to enlarge it. Let me know your take on it and what you think is happening.



Fletch said...

God only knows the story behind that pic. But that's neat, finding all this "stuff". I'm sure you've been stuck by a bobby pin or needle, or have you found a trick for that discovery? And how the heck did a dip net even get back there? Musta been a smallish one, yes?

Jerry said...

LOL! They are definitely on the porch peeking in on Mom!

Good for Mom! :)

Brenda said...

I'm going to SEMO as a Historic Preservation major, and I got such a thrill thinking of all the cool old stuff that would be hidden inside there. Those letters...

That's a funny picture, too!

Kim said...

Catching up with you--not sure where I've been. Oh, yeah, in thrift stores, I think! Love your bookcase--wonderful! Not quite sure about the visual of you ROARing (and making other rude noises) though, but it seems you're having fun. Yep, you guys sure know how to have a great time when the missus is away. But at least you found that dirty little picture to entertain you, huh?!

Vicky said...

I think they shoulda called before they popped over for a visit!!