Thursday, May 22, 2008

Went into the recording studio today.

Well... what an incredible roller coaster ride this week. Our band, "Keota" went to a recording studio this evening, and our intentions were to try and record 2 original songs that our singer, Martina is going to enter in a Christian music contest. We ended up doing 5! And we did those in about 2 1/2 hours... pretty much amazing. How much fun was it? More fun than you can shake a stick at. All of us were wound up, a couple of us were pretty nervous, but I don't think I've ever been more at ease playing. I'm probably not gonna sleep tonite though... 'cause now I wanna go back and finish us up a CD.

Sally took videos of the whole session and took a bunch of still shots, and I can't wait to see 'em. Matter of fact the videos are downloading off the video camera's hard drive right now. ;-) I'll get some of 'em put up here in a few days, and our daughter Nicky is also getting our website together for us and we'll have more stuff up there.

We've got a private party gig tomorrow night and then playing at a local winery's grand opening on Saturday afternoon.. so we ended up with a full week of music.

I honestly think this is the best time of my life. Truly. We're all enjoying it SO much, no youthful attitudes to get in the way, just a bunch of late 40's-early 50's people doing what we love. Well one mid 20 person thrown into the mix... but Martina is a total kick in the head. Just a pure joy to be around. We all love her to pieces.

So, a little more upbeat post today huh? :-) Pictures to come later.. it's late and I've got videos to watch!


Anonymous said...


You're gonna be soooooo famous! I can say "I knew him when". Can I get your autograph? Like in a few weeks! :)


debijeanm said...

I'm sure grateful that you're sharing your fun here. It's just great to celebrate right along with you.

Both of my sons are musicians and one got his degree in music. The whole time he was studying (part of the time in NYC) this teachers and mentors were telling him NOT to go after the big time, NOT to try to make anything happen until "later". They advised that it takes into your 40s before you have the right head to make it work right. I think they were saying it takes that long to figure out that you have to do this for love, not fame. You're the living example of what they were telling the kids.

Keep having fun! You can't know where it will lead but as long as you're having so much fun, who the heck cares!

Anonymous said...

Oh Man Drank--You've got it down pat, especially the last picture in "Getting Ready". Thumbs in pocket and when no cowboy hat-ball cap turned backwards--way to be cowboy!!! And you did a great job on"Long Tall Texan" Babs