Thursday, May 1, 2008

Hey, Remember Ol' Smooshy?

Way back in January in this post (click) I showed off a little present from Sally. Christmas food on a stick, Smooshy the special snowman. Well... me being me, and enjoying small scale science experiments, I kept ol' Smooshy around and kept Sal from throwin' him out.

Oh yes I did.

From January 2nd 2008

Here's an updated picture of this Christmas time confection from 07. He seems to be holding up pretty well, considering the condition that it was in when I got him.

Special huh?

I'm a youtube junkie, I watch a few videos on there most everyday. For the most part I learned to play mandolin by watching instructional videos on youtube and just watching other players. It's a heckuva resource on a jillion different topics. Anyhow, here's a vid of Tom Rush. Remember him? Cute tune. The Remember Song.

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Jerry said...

Long live Smooshy!

That tune was great, Jace. :) Reminds me of someone....someone.... Hmmmm.