Sunday, May 25, 2008

Wine Drinkers Are Party People

We played at a local winery yesterday, man did we have a blast and I do believe that everyone else did too. :-) I think we played a 25 or 30 song set with a break and the owners at West Winery provided the band with WAY too much wine.

This song... I dunno. It's pretty much our "Party Song That'll Give You A Smile That You Can't Knock Off Your Face With A 2 by 4" I have a real hard time looking at the girls when they're backing this one up... sends me into hysterics. (and makes me forget lyrics lol)

And a bunch of pictures from yesterday 'cause I'm too lazy to give you a real blog post.

*Click 'em to see 'em bigger*

And finally, my sweetheart, Sally... dressed to the nines and looking like 2 and a 1/2 million bucks in an awesome hat, jacket, vest and boots. Having a dance here with "Arnold". :-) A little outta focus, but I think that was from 'em movin' so dang fast.


gracie said...


You guys define FUN!

And Sally.....GREAT HAT!

See you guys soon. We wanna see this JOY in 3D, ya know :)

Jerry said...

LOL - you a "Long Tall Texan"?? :)

Now that was some serious fun there. Yep, try wipin' this grin off my mug.

Jace, sure glad you found this little band to "party" with. 50 is a wonderful age if you're happy with yourself and have good friends and family. I'd say you've got it nailed, big guy.

Thanks for the post, video and pics! And a big HI to that beaming bride of yours!

Lindah said...

Y'all were just having way too much fun! Thanks for sending a little bit of it out this way.

Kim said...

Looks like it was a bunch o'fun! Was this a paying gig, or did they just "pay" you with all the wine you could drink?! ROFLOL! And how much fun was your recording session?!! Sounds like you're having a blast, Jace! Good to see!