Friday, August 8, 2008

American Idol News

So here you go folks, all of you that have sent me something wondering how it went for Martina... she was rejected at the first table.

BUT, as it turns out, that's not necessarily a bad thing.

I just picked Sally up in town talked with Martina and her mom and then Sally telling me stuff on the way home and I got it analogized...

American Idol is the World Wrestling Federation of the music industry. All show and blow and fake body slams.

Yes, it's true. It has nothing, nada, zero, zilch to do with talent. It is television ratings. 100 percent through and through. The girls saw so much wonderful talent rejected in 30 seconds of singing it was unbelievable.

Martina's audition went flawless. Keep in mind there is no music accompaniment, just singing your heart out. She started perfectly on key, kept perfect pitch and perfect time.. not a single bit of voice crackle. Like I'm used to hearing that girl belt 'em out. Perfect. And she was rejected. However the guy in line behind or in front of her, sang horribly off key, Martina was embarrassed for him, he screached loudly, and then.... he did a cartwheel when he was done.

Seriously. He actually did a cartwheel to crown his horrible performance. He got a Golden Ticket to move up.


The American Idol people treated the contestants very disrespectfully to the point of degrading them to get "good camera shots" for the show, or to get them to perform in a certain way for the cameras.

Pretty sad stuff.

Martina seriously is glad she's not a part of it, she's just not that way... and this heads her onward to her demo cd for nashville. Her and Sally had a blast, and will always remember these past few days and probably wouldn't trade them for anything, so that's a positive thing.

Sal's got some more when she gets rest and gets the pictures off her camera... gobs of pictures. Even a little video of Martina doing her audition. Shhhhhh that's such a no no. LOL

I'll try to get some pics up on my next post... but, that's 'bout the size of American Idol. What a joke...


Jerry said...

Nashville Star would make a whole lot more sense for Martina, I think. That's definitely not a comedy show - it's only true talent that moves on.

Glad she learned early that it wasn't for her.

Thanks for the update!!

Jerry said...

I probably should have mentioned that I've never watched Idol. I would have...........

Vicky said...

Well, shoot! See if I watch that show ever again! Martina is on to bigger and better things. I just know it! (Hugs)

Jennifer and Sandi said...

How sad. I'm pretty disillusioned (is that a word?) with Idol right now, but then I'm usually delusional (I think its the heat here in Texas).

There's bigger and better things out there for Martina. She has such a wonderful voice! Tell her not to give up. Unfortunately the music business isn't easy. Ask my brother.

gracie said...

Guess they couldn't find anything about Martina to harass or exploit for their TV ratings. To her credit. And no surprise to us.