Monday, August 11, 2008

Elefunks And Hornets

A town just North of us here just had some graffiti in the news. Now keep in mind, clean out here in the middle of Kornfield Kounty you just don't see a whole helluva lot of graffiti, so ANY graffiti is evidently newsworthy. Anyway someone spray painted, on an old unused and mostly abandoned (good Lord... took me 3 minutes to spell abandoned. Must be that lick I took on the head the other day getting in the car)an object de art that "I" thought was pretty funny.

Around the picture of the somewhat stylish pink Elephant they wrote "McPherson St. Elefunks". I think maybe it was the word "Elefunk" that actually set me off. Heck I even stole the image and made it my new MSN avatar I liked it so much. I guess folks are up in arms over this catastrophe enough that it actually made the evening news. LOL Seriously... here's the article from KTVO. I love the comment there at the bottom "I hope they all go to Elejail!" :-) Awesome.

Actually it beats the graffiti that we had through the neighborhood a couple months back. Some youngsters decided to spray paint 4 foot sized representations of male genitalia on the sides of some grain bins scattered around. I dunno what that means, but they were lousy artists... or deformed. I dunno which. Yes, I took pictures. No, you sicko's, I ain't posting 'em.

Okay, last item is some pretty awesome pictures. I looked out the window yesterday and watched "something" going up the side of the tree here in the yard. I grabbed the camera and what I saw was amazing. A hornet had popped himself a Cicada and was in the process of hustling that ol boy up the tree to his home for a Cicada snackin'! He the thing gripped with his legs and was still climbing with some of his legs, and was beating his wings like crazy getting this gigantic load up the tree.

I didn't reduce the pics any, so click 'em to make 'em big and personal.

Also, I'd rather you not snatch the pics... just link back to the blog if you wanna share anything here, that gives me a warm fuzzy feeling when you do that.



WowsRose said...

I can tell you what the bad graffiti looked like.

It looked one of those full body punching bags and a boxing glove.


GOnzaleesss Ruelz!

Anonymous said...

Dude, those pix of the hornet and cicada are amazing!! Love the colors, man! (and the textures).
And "Elefunks" is hilarious!! Eve

Anonymous said...

You actually took pictures of a you know what on a grain bin and you're calling us wierdos.

Anonymous said...

Come on Drank--Geta life! Take pictures of Moose or something out back.
Hugs, Babs

Jennifer and Sandi said...

Are we absolutely sure that's what's going on here in this tree??? I'm not suggesting anything, but, ummm... hmmmmm.....

Jennifer and I are declaring Thursdays BLOG-A-JOKE Day. If you want to (and yes you do), please put a joke on your blog and challenge all of your readers to do the same. It should be loads of fun!!!!


Anonymous said...

prolly home-skooled

Jerry said...

The graffiti thing (MAN! I had as hard a time spelling that as you had with "abandoned"!!!) was funny. Loved the comments following the news article. LOL!

The wasp pics are amazing! Incredible what you can see when you take the time to look, eh?

Thanks (as always) for the post!