Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Well... today was my birthday. The 50th one. Nah... didn't bother me. Wanna know why?

'Course you do.

I've been havin' too much fun.

Sunday morning I was kidnapped. It started off with being blindfolded and driven to an unknown destination and loaded into a vintage RV.

And then, the fun started. Jeanne (our harp players wife) had this brainstorm for a great birthday party and bumped heads with Sally and the others in the band and it came to be. lol

We played some music whilst on the roadtrip to the unknown destination (unknown to me that is lol)

We traveled a ways, stopped and picked up the proper quantities of adult beverages and then it was on to PRESENTS! Sally had fixed up a big elefunky bag with 50, count 'em... 50 presents. Of course there were lots of "poignant" age related gifts.

Ahhhhhhhh Tucks.

Then we laughed some...

...and we got the unknown destination. Les Bourgeois winery down by Rocheport, MO . Absolutely beautiful. Set on a bluff above the Missouri river.

The guys had made reservations at the restaurant at the winery... we ate like pigs then had to walk up "Heart Attack Hill" to get back to the parking lot. This is me having my 7th heart attack of the walk.

Jeanne had the proper attire on...

The girls got to show off their Scooby Do bandaids. Everyone got one just because.

Then we unloaded and played a little music under the shade trees at the winery.

...played a little slide mandolin while I forget the words to my own song to everyones amusement. (it was the liqour...lol)

And then loaded back up in the tour bus and played some more after a quick stop at Sam's Club.

The quantities of adult beverages was starting to show on my face and I'd also lost the ability to properly orient the front to back on my hat.

And then we were back, still laughing and posed in front of Ilene (it has a leftward list) the Keota tour bus.

We spotted another tour bus in the parking lot that a couple of the band members seemed to think we needed...

Nah... Ol' Ilene will do. 440 cubic inches of Detroit superpower AND shag carpeting!

Don't get no better than that folks.

One of the best times I've ever had... my face hurt at the end of the day from non-stop laughing. Thanks to my wife and my friends. Jeanne for being the wheel woman and Ronnie and Mary Beth for the use of Ilene all day.

LOL I wanna do it again next week!



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Cowguy, happy birthday to youuuu. And many more !! Sounds like you had a blast. Florida Girl

Lindah said...

Happy Birthday!Life doesn't really start until 50! What a fun group!

brent said...

Can't think of a better way to spend a Birthday...again, happy 50 my friend. Hope you've fully recovered from Heart Attack Hill :)

Vicky said...

Happy Birthday, old man!! (Hugs)

Jennifer and Sandi said...


- Jennifer

Jennifer and Sandi said...

Happy Birthday BTW!!

- Jennifer

Anonymous said...

Drank--you're right at the top of the hill--going down it is way more fun!!! Hold on.
Hugs, Babs

Katie said...

Happy Birthday!!! Just sorry you couldn't go to a better winery. lol...actually that happens to be my second favorite winery restaurant in the world. Looks like fun!

Jennifer and Sandi said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a blast! Mine's Monday. I passed the 50 year thingy a couple weeks....I mean a couple of years ago. It was nothing....didn't bother me at all either.............*sob*......


Jerry said...

I'm in a little late on this party, but here's another toast to a great day, served with style on a great guy!

Happy Birthday, Jace. :)

Greenmare said...

fabulous! happy birthday you old fart! you are truly blessed!