Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Exciting News And Other Cool Stuff

Well, I hinted at something in yesterday evenings post that was pretty dang nifty... so here it be.

Martina, the singer in our band Keota is down in Kansas City right now with Sally waiting to audition on Friday for American Idol! So far the 2 girls are having a total knockdown, falldown blast o rama.

They left Tuesday (yesterday) evening and got to where they're staying about 7 or 8 pm then made a dry run to where the parking lot is and where "the line" was gonna be starting. They got about an hours worth of sleep and got back to the parking lot as it opened at 2 am and got in line. You would think that getting in line at 2 am for an 8 am registration would put you pretty close to the front of the line, wouldn't you?

Uh... 800 souls ahead of them in line. Yes, you read that correct... 800. Behind them... thousands. THOUSANDS! Sal called me at 6 am and it sounded like the biggest party ever in the background. The television camera crews had just shown up, helicopters overhead and the yelling and screaming of thousands of happy folks.

It's a pretty secretive and involving process. They went into Kemper Arena at 8, got registered, got their wristbands and that was that. The audition will be sometime Friday morning and can be as brief as 30 seconds... so they need to whoop out their very best to impress the judges. They also need "a few" songs ready to go if the judges want to hear more than just one well rehearsed song. There are no recordings. No music. A cappella... This weeds out most of the karaoke singers, and also takes care of most casual singers. Actually almost 99% are eliminated right there and then.

I just got off the phone with Sally and Martina is all pumped up and ready to roll, and they're off too a nice italian dinner.

Martina's voice in person is absolutely incredible, you feel it drive thru you like no other. Playing in the band with her is a joy and pleasure... the girl has a gift with her voice.

What's she gonna do for her first one? The song that never ceases to bring goosebumps to the audience and more than once... a standing ovation. Broken Wing.

We've got a couple youtubes up of this song, but this is one that we did a couple weekends ago. Louie on the harmonica, yours truly on the mandolin, Mary Beth on the bass and harmony, Ronnie on the guitar and of course Martina. Forgive the quality of the recording.

My daughter Nicky (she's got a new puppy lol) sent me a little gift the other day. Made me laugh big time...

Is that cool or what? LOL I've already got change rattling around in the bottom of it.

AND... Remingtyn talked today. Not just a little... she just started up like nothing had ever happened. Perfect. Normal. Like God intended.

You prayed didn't you?



Jennifer and Sandi said...

Praise God!!!! He's an awesome God. I'm thrilled Remingtyn is doing so good!!!

OMG!!! IDOL!!!! I LOVE that show. I heard Martina do Broken Wing and she's awesome! I'd be a nervous wreck. I bet she's so excited!!!
I wish her GOOD LUCK!!!!


Greenmare said...

Well I'm catching up yet again on blogs, so I missed my first chance to pray for Remingtyn, but I'll pray now, and for your head too. gosh, you people really do hit your heads a lot! what's up with THAT?

Jerry said...

Whew! That gal just makes me shake my head when she sings. :) It's gotta be an honor to share the stage with her.

Of course, the rest of the gang ain't bad, you know.

Great post, Jace. Good luck with that tour fund. :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

Heartfelt happiness over Remingtyn's progress. Yep, we've been praying for that little girl.

Martina's voice and that song "Broken Wing" sure do produce goosebumps! Wishing her incredible luck in her audition cause there's no doubt she already has the talent needed.
The whole arrangement of "Broken Wing" is a show stopper! I love your mandolin! Everybody and every instrument just blends beautifully (just as you all intended, lol).
Congratulations to all.

oldtrailerguy said...

I have been hoping to hear this kind of news about Remingtyn.

More than one good reason to get goosebumps from your post.

Jennifer and Sandi said...

I wish her MUCH LUCK!!!! She has an awesome voice!

- Jennifer

Jennifer and Sandi said...

Re; Martina
Hey, it's 12:16pm here in MN on Friday.....have ya heard yet? have ya heard yet?? WE ARE ON PINS N NEEDLES!!!!!!