Friday, August 15, 2008


Just so you know, bloggers love bacon. I love it. You love it. Aunt Alice loves it. Your dog loves it. Pretty much everyone loves bacon... 'cept pigs of course. They kinda get caught on the short end of the stick with the whole bacon thing seein' as how they're made of bacon.

One of the posts on my blog that consistently gets more hits than it deserves, through Google searches is about Peanut Butter and Bacon. And with the new Atkins diet thing going on here at our house... there'd be a whole boxcar load of pig being poked down our pie holes.

There's only so many kinds of bacon in the meat case at the store and we've tried 'bout all of 'em... and there ain't a hill of beans difference between any of 'em actually... until Sal brought home the cheapo store brand the other day. I opened up the package and just laughed.

Cousin, that right there is bacon that was hacked offa hog with a dull machete and packaged up by Helen Keller. These folks just don't have their heart in the bacon business as far as attractive meat presentations go. That's sad. All hacked up randomly, piled in the package. I dunno...

It fried up just dandy, was pretty tasty, a little thick in spots.. but "okay". I like my bacon on the crispy side, everyone around here want's me to be the chef when there's bacon on the menu, but with this stuff, you hit one of those thick chunks that I've fried crispy... and holy crap man, you can bust a tooth!

Tell me, when was the last time you looked at a blog and found pictures of bacon frying? It's a special place... lol

Oh OH... this morning I walked out to the truck and found this.

Now that'll make you say "fiddlesticks" (or something lol), but then I walked around to the other side of the truck.

Oh you know it's coming.

That front one probably still had 5 pounds of air in it, so it really doesn't qualify as "flat" technically.

Macon County has been spreading gravel on the roads up by the farm and musta got a pretty good deal on the rocks that no one else wanted. North Missouri Ninja Razor Rock. I took Sal's car to the farm. lol



Anonymous said...

Just about the time I was startin' to smell that bacon, you had to post not 1 but 2 pictures of MY tires - FLAT.

No! Wait! My truck is blue. And it's 19 years old. And its rusty. And its a Ford.


Sorry 'bout the tires, Jace!

Jerry said...


Whenever I do a road trip I grab a couple of pounds of bacon from Cracker Barrel. I like that stuff. Yes I do. :)

Anonymous said...

Your frying bacon made my mouth water ... but that tire's not too bad, it's only flat at the bottom!

Jennifer and Sandi said...

Thank god you didn't have to drive to the farm through the holler!!


- Jennifer

Anonymous said...

Never fry bacon in the nude.

Anonymous said...

Life is toooo short to eat cheap bacon. Try Burger's Smokehouse, from California MO. Fried a lb last night for BLTs, yum yum. Burger's also sells ham bites for biscuits/gravy. Dang, now I gotta go cook something.

gracie said...

It's on my grocery list....not that brand, tho LOL! I usually buy Oscar Myer. At our stores, all the rest look like a mess of fat thu the little peeky window on the packaging.

And....You can never have too much bacon in the fridge :)

Jennifer and Sandi said...

I can't eat bacon...#&$)it. And I LOVE bacon! The machete and Helen Keller comment was too funny!

Your red Dodge 1500 is alot shinier and prettier than my red Dodge 1500, but mine doesn't have flat tires.... OH! sorry..... OH! looky there.... my Durango does have a flat back tire.......grrrrrrr. What are the odds?


Greenmare said...

my college age daughters boyfriend and his buddys did a paper on bacon. they did some testing to see if there was anything that didn't taste better with bacon on it. their conclucsion? no. they even thought that it tasted good with vanilla ice cream! I don't believe there was any drinking involved either.

Katie said...

The flat tires obviously prevented you from running away from that inferior bacon. I'm sorry. I hope you had some peanut butter to help you through the whole ordeal.