Thursday, August 21, 2008

This Is The Sawdust Part Today

Just a little test, checking the water a bit. I added a little Etsy shop for some frames and etc... just some stuff I put together when I've got some extra time.

It's over yonder --------> in the sidebar.

Cool eh?

I've been building frames for... a looong time. Get a little overwhelmed with it sometimes around Christmas, but folks still seem to want 'em.

Anyhow a little prose and poetry about the frames. :-)

I don't go much in the way of mass production with them, pretty much one at a time. I make up all my own frame stock... nothing is bought as a kit or whatever. I use native Missouri woods in the rough, mill it, glue, wrangle it, join it, finish it... and, well... that's 'bout it. Basically just take some lumber and throw away everything that ain't a frame. I don't drive nails in them, (shudder) and I don't drive those nasty corrugated corner fastener things in the back of the miters. (gag)

Just regular, old school craftsmanship... wood to wood joinery with a little glue and some etc. etc. as well. Depends on the frame. Some get more Etc. than others.

The name Craftsmanframes (the boneheads at Etsy wouldn't let me use a space or an underscore) aligns with the style of furniture and accessories that I've sorta specialized in. Craftsman, or Arts and Crafts, or Mission. Take your pick.

So there you go. Take a look. Warm up the plastic. Take a little piece of my heart baby.

New puppy at the Jace N Sal hacienda.


She's EXCELLENT at peeing and pooping.

Watch your step!



Roye said...

Oh, Jace you have a carpenter dog!! One who does odd jobs around the house.

blueberrylane said...

Stella is gorgeous, what breed is she and how big will she grow ?

Jerry said...

Well good luck on your little enterprise there, Jace. I know how it is - folks just keep wanting them. $20? That's a steal!

Great little pup! :)

Doris said...

Cute pup! Beautiful frames!

Ever made a wood music stand? I've been looking for one!

Jennifer and Sandi said...

SHE'S Beautiful!!!! I have a 10 month old Chocolate English Cocker Spaniel and she loves to poop and pee also. What a coincidence!!

Cowguy says: Clowns... in your mailbox... check it.
Stand to one side when you open it.

GREAT THANKS!!! I didn't even trade yet and ya shipped them anyway. I am NEVER checking my mailbox again!

- Jennifer