Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Karma... It Just Keeps Things On A Level Field.

Karma, it's a funny thing. I had to make a run to town this morning and when I got back I had to move the car from one driveway to the other here at our house and when I got in the second time... I banged my punkin on the top of the roof as I went in. I'm talking "the car shuddered" type of head banging. I kinda melted over the console onto the passenger seat and spun for a couple minutes. I swear I heard my brain gravy slop to the far side of my headbone when it happened. It still hurts.

So anyways, I went to the house and had high hopes of getting a teensy bit of sympathy from my better half. What I got...

Sally: *smirking*

Me: It really hurt honey... I'm serious.

Sally: Awwww. Did you see birdies flying around your head like Yosemite Sam always does when he hits his head?

Me: No no... it was much worse. I almost blacked out.

Sally: You remember that time we were checking the cows and I jumped in the truck and hit my head so hard on the roof it almost spun the truck around? And you remember you and Jake going into hysterics over that?

Me: It was mostly Jake.

Sally: No, no, it was both of you. I remember.

Me: I'm sorry.

Sally: *poking the side of my head* Is that where it hurts?

Me: GAHHH!!!

So, you see, Karma was traded off. I got a punkin' thrashing for laughing at Sally all those years ago for roughly the same type of accident. And, such that the animal Karma is, it came around again. :-)


I came in about noon and I'd had Van Morrison's old tune "Domino" rolling around in my music section of my head for a couple of days. (You know the song "I said oh oh Domino. Roll me over Romeo, there you go. I said oh oh Domino") and I picked up my guitar and was standing in the dining room playing it... and Sally came walking in.

Sally: Oh, hang on! Let me get my guitar! I wanna play!

Me: *not stopping, of course* lol

Sally: Hang on!

She then grabs up her Taylor flat top and starts to sling the strap over her head when she crashed it right square in the side of her head.

K A R M A !!!

And do you remember the old Hanna Barbera cartoon "El Kabong"? The one where El Kabong attacked his enemies by whacking 'em over the head with his guitar? LOL yeah that one! It made this sound effect.

(click on it, it's all safe. Make sure your sound is on!)

I swear that was THE sound!

I tried real hard (sorta) to pretend that it didn't happen and kept playing for a minute while she staggered backwards into the kitchen holding her head and wearing a guitar necklace.

Sally: I think I'm bleeding

Me: Oh oh Domino... roll me over *sniff* Romeo.

Sally: You think this is pretty funny huh?

Me: Onnn onnn the radio, onnn onnn the radio, oh Domino.

Sally: *staggering into the dining room* What key are you playing it in?

Me: Q

Sally: Funny guy. *mangling her fingers around on the strings*

Sally: I can't make an A chord anymore.

Me: Karma

Sally: You're enjoying this aren't you?

Me: Uh huh.

I'm alone for a few days, Sal is off on an adventure with our singer, Martina. More on that tomorrow. Pretty exciting stuff! Stay tuned.



Jerry said...

OK, I'm back from a short vacation and all caught up. And of course I'm still laughing at, I mean about, err, WITH Sal.

Poor thing. How come the funniest things are so often painful for someone.....??

LOL!! Thanks again for the good times!

Lindah said...

This is catch-up day for me...so glad the little girl is responding to treatment. She is in my prayers.

What's with all the head bonking stuff? First the little girl, now you and Sal. Take care, guys. Heads are pretty important to one's health! Or as my wise mother used to tell us...well, maybe it knocked a little sense into ya. She was the real sympathetic type.