Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We Have A Winner!!!

And boy is it a doozy! You're never gonna believe what has happened to "me" when you read it!

Judy T. (a hot little number out on the west coast) is the winner of "Write My Blog For Me"

This has been a blast and THANK YOU to everyone that sent me an entry. I think I'm gonna have to have a couple of honorable mentions.

Sally and I are taking off for the evening so you're gonna have to wait til tomorrow to hear what happened to "me" in the parking lot, the emergency room, and the drug store. It's ghastly!

Congratulations again Judy!



Jerry said...

Man! This is like "Pictures at 11"!! Now we have two doozys to look forward to! :)

Jennifer and Sandi said...

We can't WAIT!!! Get back here!

- Jennifer

zizzybob said...

Oh you tease!

Jennifer and Sandi said...