Sunday, August 24, 2008

Write My Blog For Me! Yes There Is A Prize!

Call it whatever you want... Lazy, Bloggers Slump, Dog Days Desperation. I'm gonna take the easy way out.

Here's the deal.

YOU write a blog post for me. Email it to me with the subject line "Cowguy, you lazy blogger you".

When I pick a winner, that person is gonna be the recipient of one swell prize. I'll stick it in the mail and in a few short days you'll have it in your hot little hands. And I'm known for great prizes... just ask Sal. At least once a week she looks at me and says "Boy, you're a real prize Weber."

I swell with pride.

Get your/my blogging post in the emails to me by Tuesday evening (08-26-08)to qualify for this extravaganza!

What? A catch?

You say "Okay, I've read your blog long enough to know that there's a catch to this seemingly simple contest, oh Jace The Magnificent." (lol I added in the magnificent part 'cause it sounded so freakin' awesome)

Yes cousin. There IS a catch.

I get to be you. You write that blog post just like it's your own life. If you went roller skating on ice, if you let monkeys hit you with sticks, if you met up with fame and fortune in a Roman bathhouse... whatever you had happen.... I get to insert myself into your post as you.

I'll do the dirty work (I'm not a complete bum)of changing you to me in your entry, so don't go to the effort of doing that. Write it just as it's yours, 'cause it is. Make it a factual event or day or activity in your life.

But it's gonna be mine.


I'll post the winning entry and when you get the prize in your mailbox, you gotta send me a delightful picture of yourself holding. (No naked pictures) (Ok, naked is fine too.) (Wait, use your own judgment on the naked thing... I've got a tender stomach).

It really is a nice prize too! I promise!




Vicky said...

This is hard, Cowguy!! I'm sure you WILL get some doozies!! LOL

Kim said...

Hey, a belated Happy Birthday to you! Looks like you had a great time! So let me get this contest thing straight. I write about something that happened in my life and if you pick it, you post my story and put yourself in my place, right? 'Cause I'm thinking about how much fun it would be if I wrote the story about the night I discovered my first husband was a transvestite. Yep, and you could be me and the story would get even funnier than it was when I was me! ROFLOL! What's the prize?

gracie said...

Hmmm......the opportunity to put words in yer tempting is that! LOL!