Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Seems like I kinda sorta hit a lull with my blogularity, a combination of being busy with "things" in general and not feeling particularly funny in a bloggy way. I can sense the tide making a shift though and I oughta be back to my old self in no time at all, or I'll 'asplode trying.

I've been in the shop trying to wrap up Sal's Christmas present...... 2008, I know, I know. What an ass you say, but you say it so cute it's just encouraging to me. I'm also whipping up a stage prop for the local theater production of Grease, kinda THE stage prop from what I understand. Grease Lightning, the car. It's kinda kicking my butt, but hey.. I've still got a week to work the smoke and mirrors.

I'm also in the band for the production, playing guitar. In case you don't know it, Broadway musical music pretty much sucks from a musician's viewpoint. 3 key changes in one song without repeating any keys? Either Satan or Mac Davis had a hand in this, I swear.

Our band is throwing a "Fat Friday" party this friday at the theater... oughta be a total blast and we're all looking forward to it.

Y'all are invited. Bring your drinkin' lips and party pants.

That's 'bout that. I'll be back to my old self hopefully with the next post.




Bella@That damn expat said...

I was in Grease in high school!

We had a paper-mache car. Man, wish we had you back then!

Just A Chic... said...

You get to BYOB to the theatre there? Lol That rocks.

Lee of MWOB said...

You never cease to amaze me. Your life sounds really really fun to me. A local theater production of Grease and you're providing the car? Right on Cowguy! I not only want to see your band play, I want to see Grease now too.

And I don't sense anything different about your blogging - you're still the same funny guy to me. :-)

April said...

If I lived any where near you, I would def bring my drinking lips! Sounds like you are pretty busy lately!

Sass said...

Up to your elbows in Grease, still, huh?


Giggle Pixie said...

Awesome! Post pics of the car when you're done please!!

Cowguy said...

Bella: I did a look around the net and saw some pretty meticulous versions of grease lightning.

Just A Chic: Heh... pretty cool huh?

Lee: Come on out, they got airplanes that come all the way to Missouri and everything nowdays.

April: LOL yeah busy, but a lotta non paying busy. I guess it all works out in the end.

Sass: You're naughty. lol

Giggle Pixie: Roger Wilco!

Sassy Britches said...

Kicking your butt...you know that's just your way of telling us you're hoarding it so you can practice your Danny Zuko routine!

Jerry said...

Now that's real talent, blogging that you're having a dry spell in your blogsmithing and making it blogworthy. You're an inspiration to the art, my man! :)

Sunny said...

I wish I were at your concert, well.. next time

Stacie said...

damn you are so busy...it sounds like a fun busy though!

Pyzahn said...

You are a man of many talents. And you even have time to educate me on shaking my mouse! Thanks for the visit. That noise you hear in NEMO is the rodent rattle.

Gwen said...

One of these days, I'm gonna show up where you're playing and you're going to poop.