Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Re-Runday... Sore Toe

I've been pretty worthless today. Went to the farm, fed the cattle, did the other farmly chores. Came home, answered some emails, sent some and now we're getting ready to take off for band practice.

So to further my lethargic attitude today, I'm doing a Re-Runday Sunday... pulling one outta my blog from about a year ago today. Here you go.

Sore toe? Call a toe truck.

Have a great Monday, friends... it's pack a gun to work day tomorrow! I may have just made that up, it's hard to tell.




Sassy Britches said...

I'll be sure to lock myself in my house and not leave! Get your beauty rest!

The Dental Maven said...

Got my gun, now I'm off to work. Have a good one.

Gwen said...

Dangit! I'm reading this at work (shhh!) and am pissed that I left my gun at home! Especially since I work for the Post Office.

That story about your dad's toe is a scream!

Giggle Pixie said...

I work at home, so I'm packing my gun in my bra.

Nej said...

Great rerun! I can totally picture that hospital room. :-)

Greenmare said...

take a gun to work day? uh oh, I work in a post office! no, I don't. ha! got you!!