Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bacon and Eggs... Chukar Eggs.

My Uncle is gone so while I was feeding the cows this morning I had to take care of his bird dogs and... feed the Chukars. You ask "What in the name of Aunt Jemima's underpants is a freakin' Chukar?"

This is a Chukar.

Freaky huh?

So you're probably wondering why a man keeps a pen of these odd looking things, 'cause I did for awhile too. He originally got 'em to train his bird dogs. In Missouri you don't need a permit for 'em because if they escape from the pen, or if you don't shoot 'em while you're training your dogs... they don't survive here. So there's no problems with bringing in a non-indigenous species. But...... then he started to just like looking at 'em and feeding them and stuff. He even bought an incubator and hatched out a few.

Now me, I got to seeing all the eggs that they laid... and they lay a bunch. Gobs. I dunno how many they normally lay in a clutch, but these things put out a pretty impressive amount of eggs. So one other time when Robert was gone and I was taking care of things, I started keeping the eggs every day and saved up a couple dozen in the fridge...

You're probably guessing where this is going already aren't you?

Hell yeah I ate 'em! Jake helped me too. Sally wouldnt' have any part of it. She was curious... just not THAT curious. :-)

How'd they taste? Just like chicken eggs, maybe a little "richer". Seemed to take 'bout 4 of 'em to equal one hens egg.

I think you could whoop out a "dozen egg omelet" and make history. :-)

On another note. C. John Hebert whooped through his surgery just dandy and is back home being a total nuisance for Denise. :-) I don't think she even had to stuff him in the dumb waiter to get him home... he went right up the stairs.

Have a good evening!


Brent said...

Good to hear CJ is home and thank God he built himself a ranch style house :)

As always..good eats at the Weber's residence. I think a trip to Ponderosa is in order just to re-affirm how good it really is.


Stu in Tokyo said...

Thanks for passing along the info on CJ!

Get well soon CJ!

Vicky said...

It's amazing how many times I've read this and yet burst out laughing every time at the sight of those eggs in that skillet! Have you tried dying them for Easter? ROFLOL. It would take a whole lot of them to fill up the basket - and to make the obligatory egg salad after Easter. I'm just saying ...

Oh, and thanks for keeping everyone entertained the past few days! You get the Ruby Red Jello Award! xox

Dora said...

Jace, I think you need to start raising your own chickens! You wouldn't have to work so hard to get a decent size breakfast! :) I hear free range chicken eggs are mighty tasty!


WowsRose said...

hey! I took those pictures! LOL

The thought of eating anything from something named Chukar still kind makes my stomach turn. lol

Kim said...

Those are some odd looking birds! Being a naturally curious researcher type, I had to check on these guys. Did you know they're a variety of partridge? (Got a pear tree by any chance?) Did you know they're the national bird of Pakistan? Does Homeland Security know you're breeding Pakistani birds? Can they possibly be TALIBAN birds forced out of Pakistan? Kind of makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...


That so does not look Weight Watchers friendly.


Jerry said...

Thanks for keeping us posted on the TWW issues, Jace. Glad Sal got the grass stains outta the favorite lounging duds. You needed a break, man! Laughed big time at that heard escorting the Mule. Next time you have some to load, just drive the Mule up the ramp and they'll follow like sheep!

My best to Martin - we're all behind him. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi. I ran across your site while looking for information about Chukar eggs. My mom got some from a friend and we've been enjoying them. I just hard boiled a few and was wondering if anyone else out there had tried them. Glad to see your uncle's eggs didn't go to waste!


Anonymous said...

We live in Redondo Beach, CA and the other day had a mystery bird sitting on our roof for about three hours. Had never seen anything like it. We looked at a friend's bird encyclopedia and found a match - the chukar! We're wondering how it ended up in our area, blocks from the ocean. Anybody have an idea? Please send me an email