Thursday, April 24, 2008

TWW Thursday Evening Update

No real news to tell you folks this evening... Martin was busy with work today, tied up in meetings all day and we haven't spoken, but it's still looking like this weekend to get lit back up.

Thanks for all the great emails and offers guys and gals. You're a great bunch!

I talked on the phone with C.John today and he sounded great and was doing well. Recovery is progressing like it's supposed to, and he had a real familiar tone to his voice that means... he ain't gonna be down long with this surgery.

Have a great evening!



Fletch said...

I'd be willing to lead the parade to call CJ up, wish him well, and other assorted words. How many Heberts can there be in Maine, anyway? Oh, shoot, fergot, he's close to Canada, and Hebert is French-kinda, eh?

Jerry said...

Thanks for the update, Jace. The offer stands. In a heartbeat, man. And thanks also to Martin for shouldering his part of all of this.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update on the website ... oh ya .... on C.J. too. I bet he'll be out in the shop in no time.