Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fleas, Ticks And Other Things That Suck...

Tick season is starting off with a bang here in North Missouri, I've already flicked a few offa my pant legs when I've been out in the weeds. We get them in abundance here, great herds of ticks that disappear over the horizon and stampede in thunderous unison across the plains of Missouri, looking for a handy dog or human bean to latch their gnarly little fangs into.

Some years are worse than others, I'd hope that with the never ending winter that we had, that some of the little urchins perished and their numbers may be a little less than usual. Another week or two will tell the tale. At any rate, I was getting out the Frontline to put on the dog and noticed a warning on the package that made me laugh. I'm a big warning reader from way back... not that I worry 'bout stuff, but I'm looking for the ludicrous warnings that make you go "what the hell?"

Now Frontline is a chemical that you put on your dog, in between their front shoulders, and it keeps ticks, fleas and other vermin off of em for 3 months at a time. Pretty cool stuff. Basically the same thing we use to worm cattle with, but in much smaller dosages. Anyway I had a box from last year, leftover from our border collie, Pete that passed on, and I was doing the math in my head to reduce the pre-measured dose in the package for our little dog, Roxie.... when I noticed "the warning".


Now what crazy honyock actually tried to get rid of his personal "bugs" with Frontline, that has precipitated this particular warning on the box? And what exactly is the side effects of doing this?

Most of all though... does it work?

Eh well...


conquilts said...

Sure makes you go "hmmmmm".

Like the warning on a "toaster" saying not to use it in the bath tub. Now, someone would have had to do it and tried to sue or something to get that put on.

shaking my head

Vicky said...

So have you tried it yet? Maybe just a drop between your shoulder blades ... we won't tell!

Jerry said...

We ARE animals, Jace. :)