Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Note to Self : Make Note

I'm a note scribbler and when I say scribbler I mean the type of calligraphy that a heroin addicted chimpanzee in the throes of withdrawal might manage to write out. My handwriting is amazingly illegible. The worst that you'll see. I don't really know what happened to it over the years, it didn't use to be this bad. It's crummy enough that often times I can't figure out just what the hell was so important that I made a note to myself, obviously writing it while I was riding horseback through a demolition derby.

What brings this to mind is today Sal handed me a stack of notes that she'd collected from a couple of my roosts around the house... and honestly the only ones that I could figure out were a series of 4 that were just scrawled pictures of an aerial view of some land of ours. I even remembered why I scratched those out. Really! After going through that stack I figured I might as well go for broke and clean out my wallet. That's when I came across this...

"Aver pringle for ogersnats. Larry Tumor 17 1/2" x ? "

I looked at this and tried to stir some memory of what the heck this really said and why it was important... until finally I developed my very own larry tumor. I threw it away. Looked like it had been in there for awhile.

I've got notes all over my shop, lots of 'em wrote on my work table top, it's that white melamine stuff, and is handy as a pig in a poke. (I don't know what that means, but it sounds good.) The trouble with using my work table for the worlds largest notepad is my notes get rubbed off, or even worse partially rubbed off leaving a sketch of some piece of furniture or furniture part without any measurements.

After writing this I can see a trend... I can actually decipher my notes that are just pictures, so I need to just live my life of note taking like a never ending game of Pictionary.

The last time Sal and I visited our Daughter and Son in law, I got up before anyone else and was standing in the kitchen just waiting for coffee to come outta the pot, when I happened to notice that the 34th goldfish that they'd tried to turn into a fun and educational pet for the girls... had apparently swallowed too much water during the night, and drowned. So I left our daughter a note beside the bowl. I think Sally is the one that took the picture after choking near to death on a bite of bagel whilst noticing my handiwork.

See? Now isn't that a clear, concise and legible note?


Jerry said...

Now THAT'S funny. LMAO!!

And yes, that's about as clear as one can get. :)

debijeanm said...

Thanks! I needed that!

WowsRose said...

I needed that too. Tanx.

Maybe when we get home next week, we'll dig out the fishbowl and get another fish...

Kim said...

Could be the way Picaso got his start. Actually, I think you should have drawn in the toilet bowl with the fish--woulda made it a little more clear. Then again, everyone's a critic when it comes to art, right?! Oh, but wait! I get it now! THIS WAS DRAWN WHILE WAITING FOR THAT FIRST CUP OF COFFEE! That explains everything! Heck, I bet you can sketch like Rembrandt after you've had that first cuppa!

Vicky said...

ROFLOL. Too funny! Well, not for the drowned fish, but you know what I mean!

I have Post-It Notes plastered all over my computer screen, most of them with only one word scribbled on them. Yesterday I threw about 10 away; no idea what they meant. Hope they weren't anything I was supposed to remember!