Monday, April 28, 2008

Take A Picture, It'll Last Longer.

Our son Jake, is home for a few days and he and his buddy Jed, scored a couple of primo tickets to the IRL (Indy car race) at the Kansas Speedway in Kansas City yesterday. The tickets were complimentary and.... AND.... VIP tickets for Danica Patrick's VIP tent. They could hardly believe their good fortune.

Don't know who Danica Patrick is? This is Danica...

(click any of the pics if you wanna see 'em bigger... for whatever reason. lol)

I think you can see why two, 22 year old young men were somewhat happy to be placed in her lil' ol' VIP tent. She's also the big talk right now when the topic of discussion turns to Indy Car racing.

So Jake and Jed took off yesterday morning and I told him to grab a camera and get some pics of him and Jed with Danica or with the car or with someone cool. He bought a disposable camera somewhere along the way and.... took pictures.

Now keep in mind that the most impressive thing to Jed and Jake, being located in the Danica VIP tent was the fact that you get a lot of "free" things... namely beer and food, and alot of both items. The pictures that I'm posting are pretty typical of what the rest look like, mostly out of focus shots of one another. Lordy...

Here's a great shot of Jed drinking free beer. He's got his Eastwood squint going on there for effect.

Oh and here's a shot of (in Jake's words) "a totally hot chick with the wrong guy". Mostly what killed me with this picture though was the closeup of a humongous Jed chin.

Amazing camera work eh?

Oh and here! Good golly! Here's a shot of Jake drinking free beer!

And so the rest of the roll of film went. They did manage to get one nice shot of Danica's car, surrounded by techs and crew, before the race. I think she popped a wall or something... so no after shots.

I got a beer hugger (of course lol) for a present and a little hot wheels sized version of her car. (complimentary too I'm assuming) :-)


Jerry said...

I see they grow up slow. Remember, you had to tell them to shower, use soap, rinse off, then dry.....

Give 'em better directions next time. :)

Actually it appears they did pretty well on their own.

Mary ann said...

Jake needs to get some photo tips from Sally. But, we'll give him another year or two to realize that.

How fast does your little car go? 0 to 60 in what?

WowsRose said...

Is it just me or do those photo's have that 1970 hue to them? lol

Nice photography work boys! You guys are really hairy...