Thursday, April 10, 2008

Computer cleaning etiquette, etc.

While we were doing all the renovation stuff here at our house this winter, the keyboard to the media center puter that's hooked up to our TV, satellite, surround sound... got left out in the dust and mayhem. Thing is, we just don't use this keyboard much, hardly any, and no one had noticed how nasty the thing was, until today. Sally was offended by the dust and dirt that had settled into it and decided to de-nastify it as only the queen of clean can. When she pulls on the Playtex rubber gloves and has her hair back in a ponytail, that's my sign to just get the hell outta her way 'cause she's in no mood for my foolishness. She's gonna scrub the murder offa everything in her path.

I came in this evening and sat down, she came in the living room with the keyboard and a grin on her face. "Made you something!" she said as she handed me the keyboard...

I think she got it a little "damp" in the process of cleaning it and decided to sit it on the stove, back by the oven vent, to speed up the drying process. Funny thing is, when she handed it to me, water was still running out of it. :-)

If you ain't seen it, you'll probably enjoy taking a peek at our kitchen stove, a 1940's something Magic Chef that I restored. She's a beauty.

If you wanna see the restoration of it, it's here.

Back to your regularly scheduled weather... it's a muddy freakin' mess here.


Vicky said...

That is the cleanest keyboard I've ever seen! Warped, but clean! Go, Sal! Love that stove; beautiful renovation on it! Do you want some of our sunshine? It's supposed to get hot this weekend!!

Jerry said...

How'd it taste? :)

Nice seeing that beautiful stove again!!