Monday, April 21, 2008

Well.. you got a re-direct here huh?

Martin setup a redirect from to my blog to make it a bit easier to keep y'all informed about the status of everything.

If you didn't get an email from myself or Brent or one of the other guys today... there was a whole bunch of stuff gone wrong with our server this morning. The server is a very very dead dog. Toast. Martin has been working on stuff all day today and is still working on it as I type this... it's going to be a few days most likely before we get the The Wood Works back up and running.

Sometimes, all the preparation in the whole wide world, can't prevent something like this from happening.

Again guys, we're very sorry about all this, but we'll have it back very very soon.

To my blog readers, I apologize for using my blog like this... but it's something to read huh? :-)

Thanks for being understanding folks,
Jace Weber, Admin The Wood Works


Mar said...

Thanks for the public announcement. I was wondering how long the sites would be down. Good to know I can check in here.

ahr8tch said...

The redirect was a good idea!

Tell Martin we appreciate his hard work!

Anonymous said...

Jace and Sally, Martin and Nicky - what a shame this happened but it sure makes me appreciate how much you all have done (and continue to do)to bring us the forums we enjoy every day. Thank you and see you there again soon.
Hugs, LadyBaltimore

Stu in Tokyo said...

Well that just sucks.

Good luck Martin.

BTW, I'm starting to get the shakes, some one tell me if it is snowing in Maine, and can I really put Romex in conduit to my drum sander....?????



Anonymous said...

Now what the heck am I gonna do today?! Oh well, maybe I'll just go back to bed. Good luck.

GregR in Holt

Michael said...

Quit worrying about us, anyone with a computer knows stuff happens, What irks me is that now I might have to clean my shop or do something else productive:)
Michael in AZ