Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hotstuff For Your Mexican Dinner Valentine While Your Cow Is Stuck In The Mud.

Wow, what a title for todays post! :-)

I've got a stat counter on my blog and it gathers up mostly totally useless information that has no purpose for me or you, or anyone for that matter. One of the useless, but more comical bits of information that this little stat counter gleans from the wide wide world of the internet readers that stumble upon these misdirected ramblings of mine is.... search strings from Google that bring people here. For me, this is the very best part of the stat thing, 'cause some of the words and phrases that folks type in just make me laugh out loud.

Maybe this is a new thing, I dunno. I noticed it on mine a couple months ago and since then I've ran across a couple of blogs and forums that have posted these. So, I shoulda posted when I saw it, 'cause now I look like a follower. But what the hell, huh? lol Here's some that amuse me.

Sheep 101
Why do cows eat sawdust?
What happened to peanut butter and bacon?
Pornographic stores kansas city. (I bet they were disapointed with THIS result)

Why are cows getting down in the mud and cant get back up? (lol)
Hot stuff baby tonight
I need hot stuff
Reet reet (that one kills me)(pun intended)(lol)

Famous women couples
wooled up
cow paralyzed (there's a whole lotta misdirected veterinary questions that bring em here.) :-)

Big toe hot to touch and sore (what the???)
His Trombone
eh grandpa?

*this one oughta win a prize of some sort... and talk 'bout Google misdirecting someone*
"My rat is flipping around like he has a broken spine. Whats wrong with him?"

Family trombone
Mexican food that starts with I
brothel food

pictures of a cows body
the flu poem
ode to the flu
mexican valentines day

i need some, baby tonite (undoubtedly typed in by a very lonely person)
song brickhouse
what is a honyock
lulu belles restaurant in hannibal

cowpie thrown in face
love me like a man
cow pies bouquet
Killer Cows

cows ears freezing off
prosperity is just around the corner
picture cow lot cow pies

furniture Chisholm trail chair
harbor freight sawdust cowpies (huh? lol)
leftover bacon

What a list huh? And there's tons more! I've tried a few of these in Google and sometimes Sawdust and Cowpies is nearly the first hit, sometimes many pages back. Almost all of 'em make you wonder a bit.

For what it's worth, nearly every single day someone somewhere and usually more than one... a few, type in some variation of "I want some hot stuff baby tonight", and some variation of "mexican valentines dinner" runs a close second.

Hot stuff baby... lol


WowsRose said...

Um..."harbor freight sawdust cowpies (huh? lol)"

That was me.
You know that one time, you said that dude quoted me, about harbor freight and blood n' stuff? Well, I wanted to see what the heck I really said and that post again and I couldn't find it and so I used Google/Blogger and searched for hf.

So. Mystery solved there. LMAO

It was not some dude looking to make sawdust outta cowpies with harbor freight tools on crack.

'just me.

Cowguy said...




Sally said...

But you didn't tell them about falling down outside tonite. Remember, you laying there in the total SPLAT position... shovel to the right of you about 2 feet, one boot behind you about 4 feet... remember?
Remember how I laffed til I cried? Remember?

Cowguy said...

Sally said: "...... ........ and ........ ....?"

The need to come unhinged at my expense totally outweighs concern for my health and well being around here.


If I get over the short term memory loss from the brain injury incurred during said fall, I might be able to remember it honey.

Jerry said...

Oh man, now I don't know which one to laugh harder at - the blog or the post from Sally! :) :) :)

You guys are a riot!!

"...total splat position..."?? ?LMAO!!

Kim said...

I don't know if this will come as a relief to you or not, but when I Googled "You ain't right" and "I ain't right," your blog didn't come up before I got bored checking. But then I have a short attention span. I want to hear about the splat thing though. I'll come back tomorrow and see if you (or Sally) expands on the story--if I haven't forgotten by then.

Mar said...

oh gosh, this is scarey, what counter do you use to get this info. Scarey because I just realized that some people call their butts pincushions, wonder what they are looking for at my blog? LOL