Sunday, April 27, 2008

TWW is getting close!

In case you've clicked and wondered.... "what the...?" It's getting real close to being lit back up.


Fletch said...

Haaeeeeyyyyyy! I clicked my link, came up with the new site location, but nothing works, i.e., the log-in is there, but nothing is "recognized". Is this the norm at the moment? And, no, never received the "activation email". Love the pic!

Anonymous said...

Soon, my little pretty, very soon... Picture an old hag cackling and you'll get an image of me, sitting here rubbing my hands in anticipation! Martin, Nicky and all the powers that be have my utmost admiration for the work that's being done!


Anonymous said...

Is that a picture of the ground breaking ceremony of the new and improved TWW? Hope so.

Does the road represent the road to success? I feel confident that it does. ShaneG