Saturday, April 12, 2008

Random Stuff On A Saturday

I was stripping some chairs the other day and noticed instructions and warnings that came out of a carton of either framing or roofing nails for use in a nailgun. I'd stapled 'em up on the wall when I opened the carton years ago, 'cause the cartoon "Don't do this" cracked me up at the time. I really don't know how many years it's been up there, but long enough that I don't "see" it anymore. Made me laugh all over again when I saw it the other day.

I wanna know what the whole story is that causes the nail company to have to put a warning in the nailgun nail carton telling you specifically "Don't absentmindedly sit your nailgun on your buddy's head that's kneeling down on the floor working"

Lord have mercy.

I finished up this little kitchen island/dinette/work station/little girl play area thingamajig for our daughter this week and they came up and took it back home.

And she wasted no time putting it to use... or it looks more like the girls (2 and 4) immediately took it over, shoved their Christmas step stools up it and started "baking a cake". LOL

If you wanna see other pics of it, they're here.

And, the paying gig (LOL) hits the big time! :-) Up on the billboard at one of the banks in town. It don't get much bigger than that. Hoo Boy....

I think we got a name, unless we change it again before Friday night... we're so fickle. "Keota" We're borrowing that from a little, now non-existent town in our area. Comes from the Choctaw language and we're still fussing about what it really means. It either means "coming to visit" or "the fire goes out" or "Van Halen".


Anonymous said...

Emma and Shelby step stools to boot! Now how perfect is that to go with the island :) Love it.

Congrats on the paying gig.. :)

Keota huh? Hmm...alrighty then!


Jerry said...

LMAO re the warning poster. I wonder if it save any lives. :)

Nice to see that little table and stools again, and this time in its "used" state. Love the little stools, too! The Cowguy at his best, eh?

Kim said...

Great warning graphics! I need to pay more attention to this kind of stuff--like some of the assembly directions for products made in Asia but written in what's supposed to be English. Classic stuff!

Anonymous said...

Been a while since I've been here-You go Drank with the playing gig and you look mighty nice in that hat. Sally, get your boots on and show 'em how to "Cotton-Eyed Joe." As of today, its still a "see ya."

Quiltersal said...

Drank! I love your blog. You've got a great way with words and it's a treat to read them. I've mentioned you on my blog today in my randomness note. Thanks for the great read!