Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Well Son Of A Gun, It's 08

I'm amazed to the point of being breathless that we've blown thru 2007 like a political promise in the back of the local watering hole. What in heaven's name did we do with those 365 days that we were alloted? I'd like to proudly stand and state my name like at an AA meeting and proclaim that I spent my days wisely with goodness and mercy and lots of laboring and other stuff. Truth is, I used 'em up like a fat kid with 3 bucks in a candy store. Gone, with nothing much to show for it but a good sugar buzz.

But I enjoyed myself.

Had a couple of little hitches in 07 that I'm glad are behind and probably won't ever be forgotten, but shoot, that's life. Life ain't all Pop Tarts with an extra squeezer of frosting in the box, sometimes it's weird Aunt CeCe's lemonade and a pickle, and I for sure had some of that sugarless lemonade.

Oh well... I'd rather step in it than be it.

Anyway, had a great new years and the oldest grandaughter, being a January 1 baby, celebrated her 4th birthday this year. I'm "PaPa" and man do I ever love hearing that word come past those little girl's lips. I'd just 'bout buy her a train and the railroad to run it on just to hear her say it. Spoiled? No way! Spoiling a grandkid would mean doing crazy stuff like stickin' a lit candle in a silly birthday hat just so she could blow out PaPa's fire.

Okay, so they're a little spoiled... no need to make big deal out of it.

Changing direction just a bit, I gotta show you one of my favorite Christmas presents. This came late, New Years Eve to be exact, but still. My wife just loves a good post Christmas sale and shares some of the weird sense of humor that makes this house run. Evidently whatever store they were in, they had their "Christmas food items on a stick" marked way down to almost free and she needed to get this for me. Honest to God, I can't look at this thing without laughing my hind end off.

I'm calling him Smooshy The Special Snowman. No, I can't bear to eat him. :-)

Here's to a great year friends!



Vicky said...

Happy New Year, dude! It's going to be a fabulous one - I already know it! Wish I could have been there to celebrate the little one's birthday with you all! Just seeing that candle lit birthday hat would have been worth the plane fare! A real Ruby Red Jello moment!

exes and ohs!

Mar said...

Happy New Year! Gosh if that snowman was a little more smooshed you could call him a California snowman! ;-)

JudyL said...

When kids are as cute as your grandkids, it's quite alright for them to be spoiled! I don't know so much about Smooshy . . he's kinda sad.

Anonymous said...

Dude, I told you, your heads on fire!



Babs said...

Sal is sure nuff a "Good 'OL Gal." You lucky duck--take extra special care of her-you will never find another that could take her place. Sincerely, Babs