Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A blog of note!

My daughter just started blogging and seems to be off to a running start with her blog titled "Fud Or Something Like It". She's a helluva cook, "gifted" would be the correct term, and she's also somewhat gifted as a smart ass... and quite proud of it. I have no clue where she learned that from.

She's witty, has cute babies, cooks like crazy and I love her a lot. Give her a click and and she'll mail you a pie.


Kim said...

Ah, but can she QUILT?! (By the way, your daughter's blog does not look like a good one to visit if you happen to be watching fat and calorie intake. That gigantic container of ricotta cheese she talked about? I did that once and it's still attached to my butt!)

Vicky said...

Her blog is great! I'll be checking in every day - maybe will actually use some of those recipes some day. Oh, wait, do I have a kitchen? Haven't seen it in a while. Hmmm..... :)

Anonymous said...

You're in trouble dude. I think you owe me a pie. I'll be in MO in June.


Dana said...

I will try to poorly replicate her genius in the kitchen.

By the way, I love your blog. You are hysterical.

Cowguy said...

Dana! Thanks, I'm very flattered. Anyone that's missed Dana at or in the Post Dispatch at Pop Mama is missing an insightful and highly entertaining view of motherhood, politics, music and people that smell funny.

And yes... Nicky rules.