Monday, January 28, 2008

Prosperity is just around the corner!

If y'all remember back here at this post my friend Gary and I we're looking forward to being on our way to being millionaires. Today... we're $233.65 closer to that goal!

Yesterday afternoon Gary and I stumbled around in the brush and weeds and trees, chainsaw in hand, at the wheel of the tractor, good intentions in our hearts, a song on our lips and beer in the truck. The object of our attention and wanton desire, you ask? A half buried, tree surrounded, mouse infested, rotten tired John Deere pull type combine.

It was love at first sight.

This piece of Americana was soon to be our trial run (and hopefully not simultaneously, our swan song) into our foray of becoming Junkyard Millionaires. 2 hours of flailing away at trees, yanking it outta the woods, bouncing it offa small trees, spinning alternate tractor tires on semi frozen Missouri clay, while Gary cheered me on, chainsaw in one hand raised beer in the other. It was beautiful man. Beeee you tiful.

We got it up to the road, pulled out the acetylene torch, hacked it in half in about 10 minutes, flipped it upside down and loaded her up on the newly aquired 16 foot tandem axle trailer. Good Lord it was magnificent.

Just look at it. Makes you kinda misty don't it?

We proudly pulled this combine to the recycling place to sit in a line of other junkyard millionaires....... 3 city blocks long. We were just a little amazed at this. And yes... $233.65 is what she brought. How do they pay you for a load of fineness such as this you ask? With green cash. Deniro. Moola. Franklins. Yesiree Bob, that don't require 2 ID's and your mom's signature.

We're on our way. Wednesday will be our next load. Yeeeee Haaaaawwwwww.

On another note, our dear friend Judy L. sent me an email tonite which simply asked "Jace can I borrow your picture for my blog?" Now Miss Judy's little blog is read pretty far and wide by a fairly large following of quilters... and I was a bit curious as to why gracing her very nice blog with my photograph would enhance things for her. LOL

As they say... "Hoo boy!"


Kim said...

Don't let Sally read Judy's blog--it might give her ideas about butchering and such.

So how much do you figure the two of you earned per hour with this new scrap millionaire plan?

Vicky said...

Thought the same thing, Kim, about the hourly rate! But we shouldn't point that out to these guys! They're going to be millionaires, after all!

I was ROFLOL'g reading Judy's blog tonight! Yep, the eyes ... lol

Kim said...

Come to think of it, Vicky, I guess if they're getting paid anything to play with heavy equipment and power tools while drinking beer, it's a bonus--I think that's written somewhere in the Man Code.

Scruffydog said...

What they really need to do is buy another trailer, then they can make twice as much per day. LOL

JudyL said...

Jace, you crack me up! I'm thinking that by the time we finish with our vehicles, we could get more for them as scrap than we can by trading them in! I believe I've just learned a lesson in economics from you!!

Jerry said...

Hmmmm. You didn't mention $6 for acetelene/oxygen, $32 for fuel, $2.35 for food and $23 for beer.

Still a pretty good haul, tho. :)

Kim said...

And Jerry left out that last part: "priceless"! ROFLOL!