Monday, January 21, 2008

Junkyard Millionaires

Okay, so me and my buddy Gary (you remember Gary from this post) decided, in some incomprehensible state of logic, that we needed to get rid of loads and loads of scrap iron and junk that has accumulated around our farms. And actually what is driving this plan is the fact that scrap steel has hit the unheard of, astronomical price of $150 per ton. There's a recycling place about 7 or 8 miles from my place here and our house sits on one of the routes to this joint and I see about 40 or 50 loads of scrap iron go by my house every single business day. That's a lot... and got me and Gary wondering what the heck. Well it's $150 bucks per ton of "what the heck" that's what the heck!

What further caused us to get to checking into it was the fact that when we started seeing junk go by the house here it was all real bad trailers and barely rolling trucks going by with this stuff. NOW it's brand new trailers with 2007 and 2008 trucks pulling 'em. Those guys are already millionaires... I'm sure of it.

So... today we went trailer shopping and Gary came home with a new to him, but 2 year old, tandem axle, 16' flatbed trailer. Yes, we're gonna be junkyard millionaires in no time flat. We're gonna be so dang rich and snooty we'll have to rent each others time just to have a friend. That's rich.

Actually Gary was wanting a trailer for his lawnmower and 4 wheeler, but you don't really need a tandem axle 16 footer for that. :-) But he got a deal so it's cool. (man logic)

We've still got some preparation to go into this endeavor, and to be honest I dunno quite how we're gonna work this whole new temporary occupation into our already pretty tightly filled days... but we'll figure it out. We're gonna be rich. Dirty filthy, scrap iron and aluminum rich.

Sal says "One or both of you guys are gonna get hurt for certain." Sheesh... More later I'm sure.

Sal snapped this pic today on our way up to the farm. We get lotsa bald eagles wintering here, and a few stay year 'round.


Kim said...

I'm thinking there's a whole lot of scrap metal sitting in the parking lots of Lowe's and Home Depot . . . . Just a thought.

Kim said...

And WHY is the theme song for the Beverly Hillbillies playing in my head now?! (Better than "the voices" I suppose.)

Jerry said...

If you choose to expand your pick-up region, I've got probably $50 worth laying around here.....

BTW, tell Sal thanks for flashing us the birds. :)

Whattaya mean no cash?? !!

Cowguy said...

"And WHY is the theme song for the Beverly Hillbillies playing in my head now?!"


"If you choose to expand your pick-up region, I've got probably $50 worth laying around here....."

Bring it with you Jerry. :-)

"BTW, tell Sal thanks for flashing us the birds."

10-4 She's such a good girl. :-)

Vicky said...

I was reading in the paper out here a couple of years ago where some ingenious fellows spent all one night taking apart some metal bleachers at a high school and tried to sell them as scrap metal. ROFLOL. Oh, wait, that wasn't a suggestion or anything!

The eagles are awesome!

Kim said...

I'm baaaaaaak and feeling so sorry for your minimally-commented-on self that I'm leaving yet another comment--but I'd really rather comment on a NEW blog post, if you could see fit to get around to it some day.

Cowguy said...

Hit a refresh Kimmy.