Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hardware Store Week. Day 5

I'd like to subtitle this with "Things I've Seen In The Parking Lot". Almost everywhere Sal and I go, there's a camera handy, mostly because when we don't have a camera is when we see the best stuff! Here's a few things that I've seen in hardware/Lowes/HD/Lumber places, parking lots.

The first item is an old Chevy truck that I spotted in the Columbia, MO Lowes/Sams Club parking lot. Fact is, I spotted this thing from the highway, it looked so odd. The color seemed to just soak up all light that hit it and created it's own Black Hole, and when we got closer, the thing had texture. Seriously. The truck was "fuzzy", like a cheap Elvis painting. I dunno how the guy had achieved this look, but it was impressive. Well... to me anyhow, that's just the way I am.

Click the pics to make 'em bigger. ;-)

And you can get a good look at the velvety texture of this treasure at this angle. Nice wheel covers too!

Next is just an old Chevy truck that I watched pull into a Home Depot, an old guy rolled out of it and sauntered off to do his business. He left the window down and I took a look inside... 100 percent original, looked like it was a daily user and this was last summer. Kinda cool actually.

Next is a the car that I call the "things we don't touch" car. I spied this old Ford at a Lowes. Looking at how the other cars were parked around this beauty was humorous in itself, it was like it garnered it's own personal space, either through fear or respect. Eh, probably fear.

It'd had a real super nice paint roller paintjob at some point in time, but the owner must have been a very fast driver... 'cause it looks like the paint was just 'bout blown clean off of it. The Chevy truck hubcaps on opposite corners was a nice touch.

And through the dirty winshield of our truck... Earl Scheib, eat your heart out man.

And I've saved the best for last. Not because it's a beauty or anything like that, but because it defies any and all explanations that you can think of that might cause a scene like this to happen. Once again, in the Lowes parking lot in Columbia, MO.

I'll give you a guided tour. First it's a Ford Tempo that is so badly wrecked, I can't imagine that anyone would want to or try to resurrect it. Hell, most Tempos just weren't that great to begin with. (I apologize for that cheap shot you Tempo drivers) (sorta) The car was obviously launched onto that sorry excuse of a trailer by one of the Duke boys, in between takes with the General Lee. The trailer... I can't even begin. It's a horror show. But the thing that really catches your attention, as I'm sure you is that ginormous satellite antenna dish flung on top of the whole whorie mess and strapped on tight. I can't tell you how many times I wished I'd had the courage to walk over and look under the dish... just to see, but I wasn't packin' a gun that day, so I erred to better judgement.

Sheesh, enough talking huh?

Pretty freakin' cool huh? LOL

There's probably a reason why things like this seem to show up more in hardware store and lumber place parking lots, but I don't know what it is. Maybe they're everywhere and that's just where I notice 'em. I dunno..


WowsRose said...

Maybe you should offer punch and pie to anyone that leaves a comment.

Remember that one pick up truck you and I seen in Kirksville (yet another HD trip) that had "REDNECKS SUCK" sprawled on it? lol

Good times.

Kim said...

Pie? Did someone say pie? What kind? I'll pass on punch, but Starbucks would be nice.

I'm thinking the whole DIY Home Depot/Lowe's thing attracts the DIY vehicles. I'm just glad I have a decent paying job and don't have to drive one of those things!