Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Things you'll see in a single guy's house.

We've got a friend, single divorced for quite awhile, so he's pretty settled into "being a guy" and doing things how he likes to do 'em. Biff (not his real name)(LOL) came by the other evening and visited with Sal and I for awhile and it reminded me of a Biff occurrence a couple years ago. (there are many. MANY.)

Now keep in mind that I owned a gunshop for 18 years and had a fairly large custom ammo business along with it... meaning I've seen a whole lotta things concerning guns and stuff and etc. So I'm pretty hardened to all things that are about guns, shooting, and all that.

Anyhow, couple of years ago I stopped by Biff's house, just to shoot the breeze a little while I was in the neighborhood. Biff's place is kinda like walking into a time warp, you could describe his decorating style as 1969 Brady Bunch Commando. Kinda weird, kinda cool. In all honesty, the place is just like it was when he acquired it, he just didn't see any need to go to a bunch of trouble redecorating.

In the course of my visit I needed to use the bathroom, so I strolled down the hallway to the guest bath and flip on the light and there is a rifle set up on the vanity. I stood there for a minute letting it all soak in, take care of business and then just sorta stand there for a couple more minutes. It was a curious sight.

I walk outta the bathroom and back in the living room.

Me: Biff, there's an FN FAL rifle sitting on your bathroom vanity.

Biff: Yes

Me: How come?

Biff: I was working on the front sight

Me: In the bathroom?

Biff: Yeah, the lights in there are really bright.

Me: Nice gun.

Biff: Thanks man.

Me: Looks pretty dang cool in there like that.

Biff: It's just temporary.

Me: Cool. Biff, I'm getting my camera.

Biff: Again?


Kim said...

I'd be a little nervous taking a shower in there. And what's up with the toilet paper roll mounted UNDERNEATH the vanity? Can't tell from the photo where the "commode" is but still . . . Hey, here's a thought--maybe when you're a millionaire, you can buy Biff a 4-pack of 100 watt bulbs.

deputyswife said...

Nuttin better than cleaning your weapon in the potty. Good story and great picture!

Visiting from Judy's!

Jerry said...

Hey, the bright side is there was TP on the roll! :)

Remind me not to tick anyone off in MO! LOL!

Kim said...

Oh, gosh, and I already ticked off the whole state! Does Biff have teeth?