Friday, January 18, 2008

Hardware Store Week. Day 4

Okay, I'm gonna have to whoop out the Way Back Machine on this one... had to be about 1978. It's not that it's all that remarkable of a story, it's just always stuck with me and gave me a little smile now and then.

Used to be a little hardware store in town that also sold auto parts, or vice versa, which ever way you wanna look at it. At any rate, they had both. Pretty cool little place... whole lot of testosterone leaking out from under the front door and stuff. Anyhow, I'm in there one morning, standing at the counter getting something or another with a few other guys doing the same. Couple of guys working behind the counter doing what they do.

The store had a graveled parking lot and when you parked you pulled the front of your car/truck up next to the side of the building. Anyway we're in there and an old Ford car comes sailing in the driveway in a cloud of dust and KABBAAAAMM! smacks right into the side of the building. I mean it really shook the crap out of the whole store, knocked some stuff off the wall on that side of the shop and about 10 guys hollered "Sonofab****!!" in unison.

Me, along with every other soul in there, including the 2 clerks walked out the front door to see what the hell had just taken place. The guy in the old Ford, backed away from the building, didn't appear to have done any visible damage to the wall, but had kinda mussed up his front bumper a touch. He gets outta the car, walks up to the front of it, rubs the bumper, rubs the wall, turns and walks towards all of us standing there with our mouths open, but no one saying a word.

He gets to us, we all kinda part, he walks thru the middle of the crowd and goes over to the parts counter and sits down on one of the stools there, like nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

Don, the guy that managed the place walks back behind the counter and asks him what he needs. Still no mention of the guy running into the building.

The guy sits there for a few seconds and deadpans...

"Need a set of brakes for a 67 Galaxy 500."

Don was in mid-sip of his coffee and I can still to this day picture him spitting it all over the big grey cash register there on the counter.



Kim said...

Now THAT's a good story! I could just see it happening! Kinda brought back memories of a mid-60s Ford LTD I owned at one time--even though it was ugly as could be, I loved that car because I always felt like no matter what I might hit (and before you say anything--no, I didn't hit anything!), the darn car was build solid enough to take it!

The Daughter said...

Hi, I'm just here for the cash prize. K? Tanks.

Jerry said...

Glad I wasn't drinking coffee when I hit that last line. :)

Darla said...

I could picture that happening quite well. Keep them coming! I usually need a good chuckle